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PerimeterX Bot Defender

PerimeterX is a leading provider of solutions that detect and stop the abuse of identity and account information on the web. Its cloud-native solutions detect risks to your web applications and proactively manage them, freeing you to focus on growth and innovation. Some of the world’s largest and most reputable websites and mobile applications count on PerimeterX to safeguard their consumers’ digital experience while disrupting the lifecycle of web attacks. PerimeterX Bot Defender provides one of the world’s largest digital businesses best-in-class bot protection based on behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning techniques, predictive models and security research to block a wide range of automated attacks, preserving page load performance, and optimizing security resources and infrastructure costs. PerimeterX has a growing list of industry accolades, including being named one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2021 and ranked #7 among the world’s leading security companies by Fast Company.

Integration Overview

As more and more businesses continue to invest in and grow their online storefronts, there is an increased need for businesses to fight bot attacks using a single platform. PerimeterX Bot Defender is directly integrated into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) storefront to provide comprehensive bot management. This solution gives you the flexibility and control to detect bots and protect your site from automated bot attacks. With PerimeterX Bot Defender directly integrated into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store using a certified Cartridge, your online business is protected from unwanted bot traffic. PerimeterX Bot Defender works seamlessly with the Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture.

Integration Features

  • Easy to Deploy and Integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Low-latency Architecture
  • Full Visibility and Control
  • Behavior-based Learning
  • Enterprise Level Customer Services