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Pitney Bowes is pleased to provide the Commerce Cloud-certified Pitney Bowes LINK cartridge, which enables you to easily integrate Commerce Complete™ for Retail solutions with your existing Demandware ecommerce site, without adding infrastructure or introducing change to your existing business operations. By effectively snapping international lenses on your retail website, Pitney Bowes allows international shoppers to interact with your brand while enjoying the same great online experience enjoyed by in-country consumers.
The Pitney Bowes LINK cartridge provides a set of Commerce Cloud functionality that can be used to accelerate the integration of Commerce Complete™ for Retail solutions with a Commerce Cloud site. It is made up of an integration cartridge, int_borderfree, which you install through Commerce Cloud Studio and configure through Commerce Cloud Business Manager. Pitney Bowes includes instructions to modify your SiteGenesis application to seamlessly integrate with Pitney Bowes' localization, checkout, and order tracking features if your site leverages core SiteGenesis functionality.
  • Business Manager custom preferences to store Pitney Bowes-related variables such as credentials, endpoints, and merchant ID
  • Import files needed to create Pitney Bowes custom attributes in Commerce Cloud
  • Catalog upload
  • Site localization
  • Checkout and order monitoring