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Plumslice PIM

The PlumSlice Collaboration Suite applications are powerful tools to optimize product information workflows, governance and distribution integrated with digital asset management and team collaboration. Access, work, and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, on any device. PIM+, powered by PlumSlice, is a tier one solution designed by retailers for retailers, with best in class design, architecture and a state of the art user interface. The result is to significantly reduce product catalog errors and omissions, improve new product time to market, and provide transparency and visibility to issues and bottlenecks before they begin to impact revenue and gross margin. Creation & Governance: store, validate and manage all product data, including images, video, size charts and assembly instructions. Mapping Tools: automated and business process based, establish parameters to ensure flaw-free data of the highest quality, governed by business rules relevant to your strategy. Distribution: control what you send to each of your partners/channels, using rules and automation, leveraging robust product data associations. Import and Export: it’s your data. Access it in real time, using a GUI designed for business users, not IT resources. The next evolution in Big Data is cloud-based management and enhancement of rich product data: the prerequisite to delivering unique, relevant experiences to customers based on where they shop and what device they are using.

Integration Overview

Plumslice has developed a Salesforce Commerce Cloud-centric integration built on the foundation of an extensive and flexible API toolkit. While all integrations are by definition "Custom", the PlumSlice Commerce Cloud PIM+ Cartridge Integration was designed to enable rapid implementation through a series of system and User configurations. Not only does this ensure a rapid implementation, but reduces the dependence on IT resources dramatically, and, perhaps most importantly, creates an unprecedented level of self-sufficiency in the User after launch. The PlumSlice Commerce Cloud PIM+ cartridge allows the retailer to take advantage of the world class merchandising and customer experience functionality available within the Commerce Cloud platform. Retailers can create storefront categories, assign products, associate products to attributes at varying levels (parent, variation group and SKU) and easily support new storefronts/brands from within a single unified master catalog. The PlumSlice PIM+ integration frees the retailer to concentrate effort on maximizing the merchandising and experiential marketing functionality Commerce Cloud is reknowned for...enabling worry-free automated, rules driven, guardrail enriched flows of data.

Integration Features

  • Centralize all SKU details. Store, validate and manage all product data including images, video, size charts and care/assembly instructions. 
  • Collaborate flawlessly. Preserve data integrity with rule based validations applied to all data updates as well as role-based access for internal and external teams. 
  • Contains an embedded Digital Asset Management system, with publishing, tagging and auto-association options. 
  • Advanced mapping tools enable user-designed limits, triggers and rules so data is consistently flaw-free and high quality. 
  • Automated tasks with user-defined buisness rules governing application and publishing of data. 
  • User-friendly GUI tool for nono-technical users to create custom API's to manage data flows to external marketplaces, search engines, marketing partners and more. 
  • Out of the Box integrations with industry standard 3rd party servies such as Scene7, Amazon Web Services and Dropbox. 
  • Existing API's for downstream integrations with major ERP platforms including Oracle, SAP, Aptos/Epicor and IBM. 
  • Preconfigured publishing API's for Google, Bing, eBay and others.