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Precognitive’s platform protects merchants from critical threats including payment fraud, bot attacks, card testing, account creation, account takeover and return abuse. By combining device intelligence, advanced behavioral analytics, and machine learning, our technology empowers merchants to identify and thwart malicious activity in real-time. Our unrivaled level of accuracy in fraud detection and prevention benefits merchants immediately by significantly reducing fraud-related revenue loss and operational costs while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue through higher approval rates for genuine transactions.

Precognitive’s solution offers full protection from the initial interaction point, monitoring sessions, devices, and users to proactively prevent attacks, lower manual review time, reduce false positives, and create a frictionless experience. Our customers garner an average of 70% reduction in fraud chargebacks, 85% decrease in account takeovers, and a 4-6% increase in ecommerce sales by reducing false positives. Merchants also benefit from increased fraud-related operational efficiencies, with an average 79% decrease in orders requiring manual review.

Precognitive provides flexible billing models so can you choose what works best for your business. Use the platform as a self managed SaaS hosted, a fully managed solution with our fraud team reviewing your orders, or as a chargeback guarantee model.


The Rising Threat of E-commerce Fraud
Luxury Retailer Case Study

Integration Overview

Precognitive's cartridge is Salesforce certified. The Precognitive integration provides the most holistic fraud and cybercrime prevention solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users. A single integration prevents multiple fraud and cybercrime challenges faced by Commerce Cloud stores.

Once you have a Precognitive account, you will be supplied with an API Key and User Credentials that allow you to configure and deploy the Precognitive cartridge to Commerce Cloud. The integration is capable of calling our APIs for risk scoring at user sign-up, user login, add card, payment, and even pre-auth to prevent bot card testing, and to take real-time action against bad actors as outlined in the documentation. Using our documentation or a free expert consultation, we'll guide you through the configuration process to help you enable the features you need to protect your online store for all applicable use cases.

Additionally, you can set up integration with your OMS from Precognitive's system and integrate 3rd party data sources through our Integration Hub, should you choose to do so. Merchant deployments are done in matter of days with immediate results.

Integration Features

  • Multiple models: SaaS, Fully Managed, or Chargeback Guarantee. You decide what's best for your business. 
  • Behavioral Analytics, Device Intelligence, Rules Engine, and Machine Learning in one platform. 
  • Integration Hub to connect with 3rd party providers. 
  • Stop a multitude of attacks including Card-Not- Present, Account Takeover, Bots, Account Opening fraud. 
  • Join a network of top retailers with shared Positive/Negative Data, and import your existing data. 
  • Supports Webhooks to communicate with your Order Management System (OMS).
  • Customizable rules and decision logic. 
  • User (fraud analyst) portal for case review and real-time reporting. 
  • Audit logging for PCI compliance, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified data centers. 
  • Globally distributed with fast response times (100ms-200ms avg.).