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Order Management


Purecomm provides Omnichannel Order Management to international brands operating in Asia Pacific. The cloud-based solution delivers best-practice fulfilment in every market and is supported across the region from a single enterprise integration. Automating the workflows between online channels, physical stores, customer care and warehouse fulfilment, Purecomm delivers exceptional customer experience and rapid return on investment. The solution gives you a centralized inventory, order, and fulfillment capability to give your customer a consistent, frictionless omnichannel experience.

Our expert-led approach puts result-driven deliverability at the heart of your omnichannel operations allowing you to enjoy greater profitability through increased shopping cart conversions by offering multiple delivery options, higher customer lifetime value with exceptional service, and greater average order value from in-store up-sells at collections/returns. Purecomm's profit-sharing model makes us your trusted partner that creates an impactful fusion between online and offline. We are proven in driving every customer's e-commerce KPIs through enhanced staff productivity and a double-digit increase in online sales. Global brands trust Purecomm to power their omnichannel operations in Asia Pacific.

Integration Overview

The Purecomm LINK Cartridge provides schema extensions, scheduled jobs, UI components and a utility library for full OMS integration. Out-of-the-box scheduled jobs synchronize Products, Pricing, Inventory, Orders and Order Status, and provide core OMS functionality.  Click-and-Collect and real-time Courier Tracking are available with just a few lines of code to invoke customizable widgets. For deeper integration, APIs provide cross-channel oversell-protection, delivery service guarantees, real-time courier quotations, fraud review workflow, courier delivery instructions, and item personalization.

The full suite of functionality delivers a world-class customer experience across all major markets in the Asia Pacific. Purecomm provides business tools for Customer Care, In-store fulfilment, DC optimization, Vendor Dropship and centralised reporting. We work with the ecosystem of payment gateways, email and CRM platforms, POS and enterprise systems to integrate an end-to-end omnichannel experience.

Integration Features

  • The synchronisation of Product, Pricing, Inventory, Orders and Order Status between SFCC and Purecomm OMS
  • Pre-built website components for Store Availability, Click & Collect, and Shipment Tracking (including split-shipments)
  • Cross-channel oversell protection with real-time inventory reservations in the checkout flow
  • Delivery Service Guarantee with the in-basket calculation of available routes for premium delivery (e.g. same day, 3 hours)
  • Real-time courier quotations in the shopping cart, and courier delivery instructions in the checkout (e.g. "leave it with the neighbor")
  • Fraud Review workflow allowing orders to pass for allocation, picking and packing whilst manual review takes place; a secure premium service
  • Item personalization, such as engraving, tailored adjustments, ring resizing, including the workflow for the required steps in fulfilment
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment: Ship-from-Store, Ship-to-Store, Vendor Dropship, International Shipping and Route Optimization
  • Premium Customer Care features: Centralized Service View, Adjustment & Cancellations, Discounts & Appeasements and Courier Exception Handling
  • Collections and Returns: Collect-in-Store, Return-in-Store, Staff Incentive Reporting and Service Performance Management