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Queue-it is the leading developer of virtual waiting room services to control website and app traffic surges by offloading visitors to a waiting room. Its powerful SaaS platform enables ecommerce companies around the globe to keep their systems online and visitors informed, capturing key sales and online activity on their most business-critical days. The use of Queue-it has ensured online fairness during high-demand situations for billions of consumers worldwide.

Who's using Queue-it?
Hundreds of companies trust Queue-it for shopping holidays like Black Friday, hyped product launches and releases, unexpected traffic surges or influencer and email marketing campaigns.

How does Queue-it work?
When traffic exceeds your site’s capacity, visitors are redirected to a waiting room and
then passed back to your website or app in a controlled and fair first-come, first-served order.

When should I use Queue-it?
With Queue-it you can exercise control over any situation. You can queue visitors only when needed and guard against sudden spikes in online traffic 24/7 by using Queue-it as a safety-net or you can protect your time-limited sales and manage pre-sale build-up with a countdown pre-queue page.

Brand the wait & keep shoppers informed
With Queue-it you will deliver a seamless, branded user experience during high demand sales. You can keep shoppers informed, remove uncertainty and anxiety from the wait by showing individualized wait info and sharing real-time updates.

Integration Overview

Queue-it works as a waiting page inserted between two web pages. When traffic exceeds configured thresholds, visitors are redirected to the waiting room with an HTTP 302 redirect.

Visitors are throttled back to the target URL with another HTTP 302 redirect at the users-per-minute rate they configure. Admins can monitor traffic in real time and adjust the users-per-minute rate up or down on-the-fly as needed.

You can implement the virtual waiting room at the site level and/or on specific pages. Implementing at the site level gives visitors a seamless customer experience. They start in the waiting room that is customized to match your brand, and once they are redirected they browse your website and check out like normal. Site-level implementation also gives you full control over precisely how many visitors are on your infrastructure. Implementing at the page level can, for example, allow visitors to browse a ticketing website and not be placed into a waiting room unless they select tickets to a particular concert. Or, it can allow online shoppers to browse products and not be placed in the waiting room until they proceed to checkout.

Integration Features

  • Implement at your bottlenecks and protect your site's weak points. Options can be when shoppers hit your site, when they start adding items to cart or when they proceed to checkout.
  • Integrate easily with client-side, server-side, or edge connectors. You get flexibility with a variety of Connectors, from a simpla JS script to secure server-side or edge integrations.
  • Achieve online fairness by letting your customers access your website in a fair, first in-
    first-out order.
  • Exercise control over any situation. Use the virtual waiting room as a safety-net to guard against sudden traffic spikes 24/7 or to cover your time-limited sales.
  • Brand the wait & engage customers. Incorporate your brand identity into the waiting room page, where you can up-sell products & embed videos or games.
  • Keep customer informed. Remove uncertainty & anxiety from the wait by showing individualized wait info & sharing real-time updates.
  • Queue across any device: on desktop & mobile. Queue-it has dedicated Android and iOS Connectors for native apps.
  • Address speedy bots. With a pre-queue functionality you can neutralize speedy bot's method of attacks.
  • Soft block suspicious traffic like scalper bots or a DDoS attack until you can determine
    whether it’s legitimate.
  • Get data-driven insights and understand visitor traffic patterns in Queue-it's admin platform.