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Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and SMS are ideal channels for Brands and Retailers to engage an increasingly mobile audience. Radiance Labs offers the most comprehensive messaging based Conversational Engagement Platform for Commerce. We enable a range of use-cases including Marketing, eCommerce, and Customer Service.

The Radiance platform allows merchants to create sophisticated AI-powered conversational flows on Facebook Messenger and SMS, and delivers a rich commerce experience over messaging using deep integrations with commerce platforms. On FB Messenger, Radiance offers two key solutions: Acquisition and Retention. The Acquisition solution brings customers to Messaging through a website Homepage pop up and Click-to-Messenger Ads, and presents an acquisition-focused conversational experience. The Retention solution invites customers to Messaging with website opt-in widgets on the checkout or order confirmation page, as well as in order confirmation emails. These customers are presented a rich post-purchase messaging experience including needs like order status questions, shipping notifications, reorder reminders, easy reorder experience, and (live and automated) customer service. For SMS, our combined Acquisition/Retention solution drives opt-ins using website widgets. With all solutions, merchants can continually engage opted-in customers with tailored marketing messages on SMS and Facebook to drive strong ROI and LTVs.

Integration Overview

The Radiance Conversational Engagement Platform for Commerce allows merchants to use Messaging channels for personalized marketing, conversational commerce, and messaging-based customer support. To provide these capabilities, this cartridge integrates with the merchant's SFCC backend and website to add website widgets, sync data (catalog, orders, customers, website activity etc), and enable conversational checkout.

Integration Features

  • Website widgets for Messaging Opt-In on Home page popup, Product page, Checkout page, Order confirmation page
  • Checkout Controller: For commerce transactions initiated by the customer over messaging, the Radiance bot directs the customer to the commerce website for a streamlined checkout experience
  • User journey tracking: for users who are opted in to messaging, information about cart activity, website activity, and conversion activity is tracked
  • The Open Commerce API is used by the Radiance backend to retrieve the merchant’s product catalog and order history data so as to allows customers to conversationally search and browse products and purchase history as well as to initiate transactions