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Radius8 empowers retailers to dynamically merchandise online using the context of their physical stores and local market intelligence to drive online conversions and store foot traffic. Our retail cloud builds analytics and trends per each store location that monetizes the unique aspects of local markets. The R8 platform leverages local online browsing behaviors, in-store sales trends, inventory, and more to intelligently build context based on location, maximizing the customer experience so that you can convert more traffic.

Radius8 provides a locally-sourced online experience that increases customer engagement and drives greater sales in a flexible cloud platform that works with your existing website, app, and social media presence.

Radius8 Demo Jam
The Radius8 Link Cartridge enables Radius8 powered ‘Shop Local’ and ‘Smartbar’ local merchandising tools powered by the Commerce Cloud. The integration of Radius8 with Commerce Cloud product feed provides a seamless deployment of Radius8 powered merchandising tools to retailer’s existing Commerce Cloud Digital presence, external web pages or SEO pages. This allows retailers to tap into local data and signals to better enhance their existing Commerce Cloud deployments.
  • Product Catalog Syndication with Radius8
  • Radius8 ‘Shop Local’ Store Locator
  • Merchandising Smartbars powered by Radius8 Local Intelligence and Commerce Cloud Product Data