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Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR) is a leading provider of application security solution suite. Radware Bot Manager protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs against OWASP automated threats including Account Takeover, API Abuse, Carding, Scraping, Ad Fraud, and Form Spam. Radware Bot Manager’s non-intrusive API-based approach detects and blocks highly sophisticated human-like bots in real-time. Our bot detection engine uses proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) to understand the intent of visitors and filter sophisticated bot traffic. The detection engine also collects 250+ parameters like browsing patterns, mouse movements, keystrokes and URL traversal data points from the end user’s browser to build a unique digital fingerprint of each visitor. Collective bot intelligence gathers bot signatures from our global client base to build a database of bot fingerprints and proactively stop bots from infiltrating your Internet properties. Our comprehensive analytics dashboard gives a granular classification of the different types of bots along with their sophistication levels. Radware Bot Manager is also the first to provide unmatched API protection from automated threats. Radware Bot Manager provides enterprise-class bot management and mitigation for leading enterprises in a diverse range of industries including eCommerce, Media, EdTech, Real Estate, FinTech and Legal Services.


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Integration Overview

This Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration option allows you to download, integrate and run Radware Bot Manager in less than an hour. To implement Bot Manager in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site, dowload the Integration Kit, sign up at the Radware Bot Manager portal, and then install the cartridge. This certified cartridge protects your SalesForce Commerce Cloud sites from a range of malicious bot attacks such as Account Take Over, Payment Abuse, Form Spam, Price and Content scraping, and other threats. Machine Learning capabilities update the engine with new bot patterns, and a CAPTCHA feedback mechanism helps our ML modules fine-tune thresholds. We offer a range of flexible options to mitigate and manage bots based on your business needs, including showing a CAPTCHA, outright blocking, as well as redirect loops, dropping requests, feeding fake data, and more.

Integration Features

  • Radware Bot Manager enables you to block bad bots that carry out Account Takeover, Content Scraping, Form Spam, API Abuse, Skewed Analytics and Ad Fraud in real-time.
  • Proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) leverages advanced machine learning models to identify sophisticated and distributed bots.
  • Get granular visibility into attack sources and patterns using Radware Bot Manager's real-time dashboard that provides comprehensive reporting features.
  • Frustrate bots by taking custom action including Block, Challenge CAPTCHA, Redirect Loop, Drop Request, etc. You have options to set the difficulty level for these actions.
  • Build your personalized CAPTCHA and Block page using the Radware Bot Manager brand customization feature.
  • Management features such as Whitelisting, GDPR Erase Request, and User Management allow you to achieve better control over your data.
  • Radware Bot Manager's API protection addresses the gap in unique source identification in M2M communication through API-Client SDK
  • The enhanced API protection detects anomalous navigation flows or access patterns
  • API protection prevents out-of-context API invocation (for Web and mobile APIs)
  • Radware Bot Manager establishes authentication flows to validate legitimate access to assets