Marketing/Email Marketing

Let your website and mobile visitors easily register and log in with their existing social network identities from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more than 30 other providers. Improve registration rates by 50% and open the door to collecting rich permission-based customer profile data. reach five's allows brand management and unification of the digital identities of prospects and customers with strong benefits such as simplifying the process of registration and automatic reconnection through social login, increase the ratio of registration and of identified visitors, unification of customers accounts, personalized user experience in terms of content and recommendation through the collected social data and increased conversion rate.

Then, collect and segment new data from social networks. Rich data that will enrich existing and CRM data, increase customer knowledge, complete customization and targeting for your CRM strategy, more precise targeting offered by the segmentation by affinity of social data, and improve your ROI of media spend. reach five's Connected Consumer Management Suite enables the world’s largest brands, including Engie, Boulanger, BFM TV and L'Express to understand and connect more closely with today’s mobile and socially connected consumers. Our technology helps businesses access, consolidate and manage permission-based identity and behavior data, while providing deep customer insights that turn data into action.

reach five platform simplifies social login integration across all devices, collects and consolidates related data to achieve a single customer view, and enables profile segmentation to ease marketing personalization.

Our cartridge allows you to easily integrate social login buttons (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal...) on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site. Social providers list and related permissions are fully configurable, as well as buttons design.

  • Social Login - Choose from over 30 social networks and identity providers.
  • Social Data - Unified profile customer data coming from different social networks.
  • Analytics - Retrieve customer insights accross reach five's Graph Explorer.
  • Segmentation - Enable customer segmentation and personalize User Experience . 
  • Share - Allow your site visitors to easily share your products with their social network friends.
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