Marketing/Email Marketing

Born out of multi-channel retail, understands that customer acquisition costs are pushing ever higher and it is never been more important to retain the customers you have. is 100% Customer Retention centric, focused on delivering a beyond-expectation Customer Experience through personalizing the in-pack documentation at the point of delivery.

Re-define your humble delivery note to be a high quality, full color marketing machine, with every content element personalized for each individual customer, dynamically printed at your DC, ready for delivery with the customer order. We are measured on Customer Retention metrics. will improve your Customers’ experience and will increase Customer Lifetime Value. A full SiteGenesis demo is available on request.

This Integration Cartridge is simply listening for orders, with a white list filtering mechanism.  Using a scheduled job, the order data is received into the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, triggering further OCAPI and third party calls. The resulting data, combined with Adobe InDesign templates and our Document Composition Engine allows to produce 100% personalized delivery documents in real time.

The LINK cartridge is super-light. Installation, testing and Implementation is equally light.

  • Link Cartridge Integration
  • White Listing & Filtering
  • Job Scheduling
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