Fraud & Security

Riskified is a risk management solution that provides peace-of-mind to Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants by verifying, approving and guaranteeing transactions. All approved transactions carry a 100% money back guarantee in the event of fraud. Riskified was founded to solve the unique risk and fraud challenges that online merchants face when managing their business. Using technology developed specifically to address the major problems faced by today’s fraud managers, Riskified helps:

  • Eliminate any costs associated with chargebacks
  • Minimize the loss of revenue associated with false positive declines
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by minimizing friction and reducing review time
  • Accelerate and maintain growth without the fear of fraud
  • Reduce the costs of ineffective fraud tools and free the time of dedicated fraud personnel

Riskified’s flexible business model enables merchants to select which transactions they want to send to Riskified for review. The only time merchants are ever charged is when Riskified approves and guarantees a transaction.

The Riskified cartridge extends the functionality of Commerce Cloud's Storefront, enabling out-of-the-box integration with our leading fraud-prevention technology. The cartridge allows Riskified to review store orders and provide our chargeback guarantee on every order we approve.
  • Simple, quick integration process.
  • Full workflow integration with Commerce Cloud.