Fraud & Security

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Riskified’s AI platform recognizes legitimate customers and guarantees the income at all stages of the path to purchase.

Merchants lose billions of dollars to legacy fraud solutions, payment failures, bank declines, high-friction verification methods and more. Our AI platform analyzes eCommerce interactions to identify legitimate customers and keep them moving toward conversion while eliminating the costs of fraud. Our fully automated models make decisions instantly, and, depending on the stage of the purchase, may challenge a login, approve a legitimate order or offer our alternative payment method.

Merchants can safely approve more orders, expand internationally and fulfill omnichannel flows while providing a frictionless customer experience. All approved transactions carry a 100% guarantee from fraudulent chargebacks.

Integration Overview

The Riskified cartridge extends the functionality of Commerce Cloud's Storefront, enabling out-of-the-box integration with our technology. The cartridge allows Riskified to review store orders, refer orders for alternative payment where applicable and provide our chargeback guarantee on every order we approve. Riskified’s solution can handle any unique checkout flow and can sit at any point in the buying process.

Our full suite of products and services, including account protection, reducing and recouping bank declines, chargeback guarantee fraud prevention and more can all be received through this cartridge.

Integration Features

  • Increases order approvals and maximizes revenue.
  • Enables global expansion through a fully scalable solution.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction with instant decisions.
  • Provides transaction insights through a powerful, intuitive web app.
  • Safely enables a seamless omnichannel experience Eliminates the cost of chargebacks.
  • Ensures accounts are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Provides an alternative payment option in the case of bank declines.


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