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Salesfloor is an industry leading omnichannel associate app that offers customers a new and personalized way to shop online. Founded in 2013, Salesfloor addresses the significant void in service that shoppers experience when using a retailer’s website to shop compared to when shopping in store. With Salesfloor, associates create an online storefront, a personalized version of the retailer’s e-commerce site, where customers can connect and shop online directly with their store associate at any time. Associates are empowered to communicate with customers using branded message templates and integrated products. Customers get personalized product recommendations, read reviews, and also connect through chat and other collaboration services.

Leading retailers using Salesfloor have experienced on average a 10x increase in online conversions and a 50% increase in online average sales. With Salesfloor, customers get the shopping experience they are looking for, retailers increase sales, and associates have a new opportunity to grow their business.

Integration Overview

The Salesfloor eCommerce site integration facilitates online customers who need help and matches them, real-time, with store associates from a customer’s location who can answer their unique questions. The interface is mobile friendly and allows store associates to narrow a shoppers focus by answering questions, offering interactive product recommendations using live chat and email. In addition the interface handles appointment requests and provides access to store associate profiles for shop with me functionality.

The Salesfloor Link Cartridge cartridge allows ecommerce retailers to use functionality powered by the Salesfloor hosted platform and integrated with the storefront. The associates are identified in the salesfloor platform and can identify and communicate with customers on their preferred communication channel. 

Integration Features

  • Live chat interface
  • Book an appointment service
  • Email interface
  • Access to associate profiles