Shipping & Fulfillment

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Sendcloud is an all-in-one shipping platform for e-commerce businesses that want to scale. Sendcloud's mission is to empower online retailers to compete by optimizing the full shipping journey from checkout to returns. By turning e-commerce logistics from a bottleneck into an accelerator, shipping becomes a competitive advantage. Sendcloud connects to 130+ shop systems and carriers. It also uses automation to simplify label creation, tracking, returns, picking & packing, and much more.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2012, Sendcloud has quickly become one of the fastest-growing scale-ups and leading shipping solutions in Europe, with more than 23,000 customers across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Austria. Customers range from small to enterprise-sized online retailers and in industries from fashion and electronics to food & drink.

Integration Overview

Our cartridge gives Salesforce users a way to improve the customer experience and shipping process by allowing customers to select their preferred delivery date and carrier in the webshop checkout. By providing you with the ability to offer multiple carrier integrations, service point (PUDO) delivery, and an easy-to-use return portal, you can offer your customers the choice to pick the one that suits them the most. All your orders will be sent to Sendcloud where you can process them and send status updates to Salesforce Commerce and your clients.

The cartridge makes it possible to also integrate with other systems you have. You can choose from over 60 integrations with e-commerce platforms, WMS, ERP, and fulfillment systems, making your shipping process an accelerator for your growth instead of a bottleneck.

Integration Features

  • Synchronize orders with your WMS, ERP, or fulfillment system and gain access to over 60 carrier integrations in Europe
  • Dynamic checkout with nominated day delivery
  • Service point delivery (PUDO)
  • Send parcel tracking information to your customers
  • Streamline returns with a custom Return portal
  • Automatically generate custom documents for shipping outside of the EU