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SessionM is a loyalty marketing automation platform empowering the world’s most innovative brands to forge stronger, more loyal and more profitable consumer relationships on an enterprise scale. Combining customer data management with loyalty automation, SessionM’s omnichannel approach provides valuable insight into customer behavior in real-time, giving marketers the ability to immediately engage with customers in a sophisticated and impactful way.
Through SessionM’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, execute a loyalty program based on customer purchase behavior and send highly personalized promotions that will convert. SessionM brings together data from POS systems, eCommerce and online orders, as well as mobile, beacon and social activity to gain a complete view of each customer and processes the next best action to drive customer engagement and loyalty.
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The SessionM integration cartridge introduces loyalty marketing automation to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Customers are able to participate in a loyalty program by earning points for ecommerce purchases, viewing their balance/tier status, and redeeming earned points for merchandise, coupons, and more. Customers are also able to redeem generated promo codes and/or pay with earned loyalty points during the checkout process.

Through the addition of the SessionM Platform, ecommerce purchase behaviors can be streamed into a single customer profile and merged with data from additional disperate systems such as point of sale systems and mobile apps. This actionable profile can then be leveraged to score customers, create audience segments, and enable relevant marketing campaigns through a variety of cross-channel engagement options.
  • Loyalty Program Management - Configure loyalty rules and award points for behaviors both within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud along with additional purchase channels.       
  • Streaming Loyalty Data - Provide customers a view of loyalty points accrued and tier status on customer account page from within ecommerce store.      
  • Embedded Rewards Store - Enable customers to redeem loyalty points for physical goods, digital goods, sweepstakes entries, donations, or coupons from within ecommercestorefront.
  • Offer Generation and Management - Create and distribute personalized promo codes from redemption within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud powered storefront.      
  • Loyalty Points as Currency - Enable customers to apply earned loyalty points as a method of payment during Salesforce Commerce Cloud powered checkout process.      
  • Customer Data Management - Stream purchase data from within the Commerce Cloud into single-view customer profile to view and analyze cross-channel customer behavior.      
  • Marketing Automation - Trigger relevant marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, Mobile Push Notifications or Mobile Inbox Messaging as a result of ecommerce behaviors.      
  • Customer Scoring and Segmentation - Leverage purchase data to score and segment customers based on key metrics such as recency, frequency, spend and propensity to churn.