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Shipper HQ

ShipperHQ makes it easy for online merchants to optimize the shipping experience on their site and offer flexible shipping rates and options at checkout tailored to their own unique products and customers. With over a decade of experience serving thousands of retailers worldwide, ShipperHQ gives you the tools to craft a successful shipping strategy no matter how complex your requirements may be.

Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, lower your shipping costs, offer international shipping (or simply offer more delivery options like in-store pickup), you have the power to customize your checkout to align with the way you do business.

Automatically access live rates via 40+ carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL, and create your own custom rates. Choose to offer additional delivery options at checkout like in-store pickup, LTL freight, cross-border shipping, in-home furniture delivery, and same day delivery. Plus, configure your checkout to show more information like estimated delivery dates or accessorial fees.

Set up shipping rules and restrictions based on what you sell or where a customer is located. Offer shipping-based discounts, surcharges and promotions year round or for certain date ranges. Improve your shipping margins by managing rates from multiple origins and automating real dimensional packing. Plus, establish shipping cut-off times, lead times, blackout dates and maximum time-in-transit for your products.

With ShipperHQ, you can make shipping profitable, drive conversion and ecommerce growth, and offer a better experience than your competitors.

Integration Overview

ShipperHQ’s SFCC cartridge is designed for Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version 20.1 and Compatibility Mode Version: 19.10. The cartridge allows you, and the developers you work with, to customize and manage the shipping information (rates and delivery options) displayed to customers at checkout. Also, it gives you the ability to add things such as dimensions, shipping groups (used for item(s) that have special shipping rules), and attach specific shipping origins to products from within Business Manager.

With ShipperHQ, you can show real-time shipping rates, or define your own custom rates, for 40+ carriers and methods including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other major LTL freight and cross-border providers.

Create custom rules or restrictions based on product type and weight, geographic zones, carriers, cart quantity and subtotal plus defined customer groups like wholesalers. Automate how packages are picked for orders by specifying what boxes you want shipped with certain products. Prevent shipping overcharges and undercharges by calculating shipping costs based on product dimensions, weight and additional package requirements. Perform address validation (commercial versus residential) for accurate last mile delivery fees.

Integration Features

  • Receive real dimensional packing automatically to determine best fit boxes per order
  • Show delivery date estimates based on cut-off times, blackout dates and lead times
  • Choose to rate out of the closest or fewest number of shipping origins to a customer
  • Offer custom, negotiated or live shipping rates for 40+ carriers, including LTL freight
  • Create shipping rules or restrictions for products, geographic zones and carriers
  • Determine a customer’s address type for accurate residential or commercial fees
  • Enable table rates, flat rate shipping and dimensional weight-based costs
  • Apply shipping discounts, promotions & surcharges year round or for certain dates
  • Set price, geography, product and weight-based rules for free shipping offers
  • Specify what boxes you want to use for certain products and what can be packaged together