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Shogun Page Builder is trusted by over 10,000 eCommerce brands; empowering merchandising and marketing teams to codelessly build pages for their online stores.

Shogun’s drag and drop visual content editor is both user friendly and powerful, providing a true preview of what the page will look like across screen sizes.

Our library of standard elements goes beyond the basic building blocks, with elements like forms, sliders, accordions, and countdown timers. Shogun is 100% customizable with our custom elements code editor: technical team members can code completely custom re-usable drag and drop elements.

SEO Controls allows anyone to easily manage page title, meta description, open graph meta tags, and alternate text.

Create unique visitor experiences for widescreen, laptop, tablet and mobile screen sizes with screen setting controls.

Stay in control of your content with user permissions and audit logs of all changes made to page content.

Our software has 24/7 global in house client support based in USA, Canada, UK, India, Jamaica, and Australia. At our Enterprise level, we offer Dedicated Customer Success Managers to tend to your account, including bookable video calls.

Shogun was founded in 2015, and is proudly backed by Y Combinator and Initialized Capital.

Integration Overview

This integration connects a Salesforce Commerce Cloud sandbox server and associated sites with the Shogun Page Builder SaaS application.

For this integration to work correctly, an account on Shogun will need to be set up for the users and sites you wish to use Shogun with. To schedule an account setup and onboarding call, please contact Nick Raushenbush at commercecloud@getshogun.com with the subject line "[Client Name] Salesforce Commerce Cloud signup.

After sign up and onboarding, you'll be given API keys, which you will use in conjunction with our integration guide to setup Shogun fully within your sandbox server.

After you've completed and configured Shogun, you'll be able to access the tool via the "Merchant Tools" dropdown in your business manager, and navigating to "Shogun Labs, Inc" under the 'Content' header.

At this point, you should be greeted by the Shogun dashboard, where you'll be able to design, create, and preview content assets on your sandbox server.

Once you are happy with how your content assets look, you'll replicate these content assets to your staging and production server environments, and assign these content assets to the urls and locations you wish.

Integration Features

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Multi Site Content Management/ Syncing
  • Custom Elements Code Editor
  • Data Collections
  • Audit Logs
  • Data Collections
  • Version Controls
  • SEO Controls
  • Dedicated Support with email, live chat, video chat