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Shoppable Images

OSF Digital has been named Salesforce Navigator Expert in B2C Commerce, Consumer Goods, and Retail by Salesforce—the highest-level honors for expertise. OSF Digital also received the 2020 Salesforce Partner Award for the most relevant Salesforce Commerce Cloud project. These awards add to OSF’s vast portfolio of distinctions, including the 2019 Bolty Award for Best Digital Experience in the Retail and Consumer Goods category, the 2019 Partner Innovation Award in the category of Customer 360, the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail, and Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail. OSF Digital provides technology, consulting, implementation, and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands and merchants, focused on building multi-cloud and unified commerce projects using Salesforce Clouds and other top-tier cloud technologies, such as Sitecore and Adobe.

We work with our clients’ staff to ensure commerce solutions and cartridges are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications. To this end, Shoppable Images can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your unique business requirements.

Integration Overview

With Shoppable Images, our SFRA and SiteGenesis compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we narrow the path from browsing to purchase by enabling interactive and customizable shoppable tags on photos. Customers can view their favorite apparel or footwear items in context, click on the product, and quickly add it to their cart without being redirected to another page. For example, Shoppable Images can bring value to a home décor business with catalogues to showcase products, or online grocery stores with shared images of recipes where you can tag the products used to prepare meals. Shoppable Images also helps avoid overcrowding, as you might not want to enable shoppable tags for all items included in a picture or lookbook, but you can still point them out neatly in the related products section. Shoppable Images provides a great brand experience along with product recommendations that can nudge customers to buy multiple products.

Integration Features

  • COMPATIBILITY​ | The cartridge is compatible with SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA).
  • CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT REVEAL | Tags can be configured to showcase products using tooltips, tile carousels, or in a quick view.
  • PRODUCT DISPLAY | After the user clicks on tags, you can choose whether to display products in the same tab or in a different tab.
  • CUSTOM TAGS​ | Personalize shopping tags to match the look and feel of your storefront.
  • OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE​ | Enable or disable specific shoppable tags across devices: mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • RELATED PRODUCTS​ | Use the related products section to keep the shopping journey going.
  • IMAGE LIBRARY | Manage all your shoppable images in a dedicated library or use your existing library.
  • MULTIPLE WEBSITES | Based on the configuration, if you run multiple websites, the image library and custom tags are accessible to all of them. Alternatively, each site can have its own library.