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Smart Traffik offers a range of features to drive the entire omni-channel strategy. Adapt the solution to your needs and take advantage of the full potential of complementarity. Smart Traffik is already used by more than 140 brands and retailers, and the solution is used in 114 countries.

Your shoppers want all the channels, they want to shop online and offline anytime. With Smart Traffik, build a bridge between your online presence and your physical store, and build a great shopping experience. Offer all the shopping channels to your customers and increase their loyalty. Increase your online exposure and offer a seamless shopping experience. Generate in-store traffic, up-sell/cross-sell and facilitate sales for store associates. Increase your revenue. With Smart Traffik, put your customers at the core of your strategy and follow their entire shopping journey.

With Smart Traffik’s LINK cartridges, Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants can easily integrate with the Smart Traffik widgets (Store Locator, Online Reservation, Book an Appointment), and maintain their relationship with shoppers throughout the entire shopping journey. Your online presence is the window to your stores. Make sure the showcased information is accurate, easily accessible and updated. A Store Locator will allow you to reflect your physical store network, online. It will highlight important information like the address, hours of operation, contact details on all online directories, as well as user-friendly features like an interactive map.

Online reservation is the assurance of a efficient trip to the store for the customer, and the visit of a ready-to-purchase customer for the retailer. It is a way to increase both customer loyalty and foot traffic by answering customers’ new expectations.

Your customers may need tailored advice, or you may offer services that require advanced booking. With the Book an Appointment, let your customers see your schedule online and book their preferred availability

  • Presence management (Store locator)
  • A wide range of web mapping services (Google, Nokia, OpenStreetMaps...)
  • High SEO optimization 
  • Updated information in real-time. 
  • Online reservation / Click & Pickup
  • Items can be picked up at the store within two hours or on day+X
  • Book an Appointment
  • A unique schedule per store or employee
  • Time-saving in store
  • A single agenda centralizing all in-store resources availability