SMARTASSISTANT is a leading omni-channel solution to support decision making across the entire customer lifecycle with Digital Advice and Guided Selling. The cloud-based solution allows business users without programming skills to create personalized, digital experiences that eliminate friction and support decision making throughout all stages of the customer life-cycle. Interactive product selectors, product finders and digital advisors can be integrated online, on mobile websites as well as an in-store solution at brick-and-mortar stores.

Guide your users with a few questions and answers to the products and services they are looking for in a user friendly way, based on their individual needs and wants. Engage them and help them discover your brand and your product benefits in an interactive and need-oriented way and generate an uplift in conversation rate and sales through the positive impact on customer satisfaction. The company Smart Information Systems was founded in 2006 and runs several offices in Europe, UK and the US.
SMARTASSISTANT cartridge improves and enhances the user experience on Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce sites by enabling merchants to help their customers with the selection of the product that fits their individual needs best. SMARTASSISTANT cartridge enables the integration between Commerce Cloud and SMARTASSISTANT platform. The integration enables Commerce Cloud-based e-commerce sites to present their products as results of Digital Advice and Guided Selling. The cartridge enables merchants to easily import product data from Commerce Cloud into the SMARTASSISTANT configurator. For each category, an individual file will be created for multiple languages, locales and currencies in the Business Manager that can be selected for data import. The SMARTASSISTANT advisor can be integrated into the storefront as a widget and is integrated to the frontend of the site via JavaScript or iFrame technology.
  • LogIn into SMARTASSISTANT: A button to SMARTASSISTANT Platform Management for Commerce Cloud users is enabled to log-in directly the SMARTASSISTANT back-office.
  • Data integration: The cartridge enables e-commerce merchants to easily import product data from Commerce Cloud to the SMARTASSISTANT solution.
  • Selection of products in Business Manager: The merchant can define which products will be available for data export and therefore for the Product Advisor technology/solution globally or for each product via a dropdown menu.
  • Category refinements: For each category an individual file is created for multiple languages, locales and currencies that can be selected for data import. 
  • Verification system: Configurable error notifications offered by Integration Framework module
  • Javascript / iFrame integration: The merchant can easily integrate the product advisor technology in the frontend via Javascript / iFrame technology 
  • Product advisor: The product advisor technology improves the user experience on the frontend part of the website.