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We work with our clients’ staff to ensure commerce solutions and cartridges are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications. To this end, Store LOCATOR can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your business’ unique requirements.

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Integration Overview

Store LOCATOR is a cartridge designed to provide enhanced store locator functionality for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cartridge enables shoppers to view a map containing detailed information on nearby stores and the distance from their location to the closest store.

Shoppers will be able to visualize the distance to your store(s) based on their current location, identified using their browser location. If shoppers don’t provide their permission for their browser location to be used, the approximate location will be determined using the MaxMind service provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. A search box is available for shoppers to use to search for an address with the distance being displayed based on the final result. As a merchant, you are able to customize your store and event cards and add details such as address, business hours, telephone, email address. The store and event cards also feature a View Details button which sends the shoppers to the details page of the store or the event, and a Set Favorite button which, when clicked, marks the store or the event with a different color on the map.

Integration Features

  • Detect location | Provide relevant details about the nearest stores by detecting a customer’s whereabouts using their browser or MaxMind in case the customer doesn’t provide access to their location. 
  • Search box | Allow shoppers to search for stores near a location different than their current location. 
  • Manage stores | Add and change the store’s name, opening hours, address, coordinates and contact data directly in Business Manager or using the Google My Business integration. 
  • Store cards | Display cards containing store information and distances provided by Google Maps Distance Matrix API which is used to calculate the distance between the customer’s location and the stores, sorted by the distance from the current address (detected or searched). 
  • Store cards customization | Customize store information cards, path colors and shapes according to your brand identity. 
  • Manage events | Manage present and future events directly in Business Manager. Allow your customers to subscribe to an event and receive an email notification before the day of the event or print out related information.
  • View options | Implement a variety of different views including a full-screen map with information on top, a view presenting 50% of a map and 50% information, among other viewing options.