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Styla is a content commerce suite that automatically designs content and makes it shoppable, inspiring customers to buy more. Styla’s automation technology is creating the design itself and ensures that the content looks attractive on all devices. A seamless integration with all common e-commerce systems allows an easy embedding of products and creates a whole new world of shoppable inspiration.

Brands and e-commerce stores, such as  Footlocker, Thomas Sabo, Fissler or Canterbury are already relying on Styla. 

Integration Overview

Styla for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud transforms content marketing into conversion-oriented content commerce. The dedicated solution designs an aesthetically-looking online magazine with an integrated shoppablility feature that  hardly requires any IT effort from the client’s side. Styla's automated layout algorithm significantly reduces time on content creation and optimizes content for both mobile and desktop users.

The unique combination of editorial and shopping experience serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement to make a purchase. Magazines' visitors get a complete overview of all posts on one single page with a possibility to shop displayed products directly from content, without any redirects. For marketers and shop owners, this means increasing the time spent on site while offering visitors a smooth shopping experience via an “add-to-basket” pop-up.

Integration Features

  • Embedded everywhere - integrate your magazine into your existing site or host it on any URL you choose.
  • Custom style - modify everything from font to color to reflect your brand's corporate identity.
  • Add-to-cart - whenever a product is integrated into the content, the product can be shopped right from the magazine without any additional effort.
  • SEO optimization - allows you to use your content for SEO purposes and optimize it to improve your search engine ranking. 
  • Responsive Design - magazines are responsive and fully run on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Newsletter integration - a drag-and-drop tool allows selecting content and putting it into an HTML snippet that can be easily integrated into any newsletter system. 
  • Social shares - readers can share your content right from the feed with one simple click.
  • Search feature - our search engine identifies the tags of your stories, as well as the in-text keywords and headlines.
  • Your Own Analytics - add your own analytics code to your magazine and easily track the performance.


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