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Talkable is changing the way e-commerce companies acquire and retain customers, through one of the most powerful marketing tools - referrals. Our refer-a-friend programs enable businesses to lower their customer acquisition costs and increase customer loyalty by leveraging their customers to become brand Advocates. Talkable integrates into Salesforce Commerce Cloud to allow your customers to share offers with their friends via email, SMS, and social channels at various points in their shopping experience and earn rewards in the process.

Talkable currently manages the referral campaigns of leading enterprise retail and e-commerce companies across the world. Our expert Customer Success team guides these brands in creating powerful and versatile campaigns that integrate into existing marketing efforts and provides full training on the Talkable platform. Please reach out to for details. 
The Talkable cartridge is a self-contained cartridge that can easily integrate into any Salesforce Commerce Cloud project. The cartridge can be configured in the Business Manager and contains all elements necessary to perform successful practice implementation of Talkable. After the cartridge is deployed, configured and integrated with the storefront templates, the customer will have full power of Talkable marketing programs applied to their site.

In order to use the Talkable integration, you will need to contact Talkable before installing. Please reach out to for details.  
  • Liquid Campaign Editor
  • HTML/CSS+ Editor
  • Preconfigured campaign templates and logic 
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Customizable Fraud Settings Portal
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Configurable Reporting Suite
  • A/B Testing Suite
  • Mobile Responsive