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Pennies’ digital charity box extension integrates simply into the checkout process, providing users with the ability to add a small charity donation to their transaction. Donations are automatically reported to Pennies and granted to the merchant's chosen charity. Automated reconciliation reporting allows a simple settlement process, ensuring donations reach the nominated charity quickly.

In an increasingly cashless society, Pennies’ digital charity box gives customers paying by card or digital wallet a convenient way to add a small donation to their purchase, when shopping with participating retailers. Whether in-store, online and in-app, it’s a simple, data-free way to donate, with 100% of funds raised going to charity.

100 million donations have now been made using the digital charity box, and to date Pennies has raised £25m in much-needed additional income for over 600 charities in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The opportunity for retailers and their customers is groundbreaking in its potential: if each of us gave 35p a week, together we would raise £1bn a year for charity.

If you wish to enable the digital charity box extension, please contact Pennies directly.

Integration Overview

It is quick, easy, and straightforward to integrate into your checkout with support from the Pennies team.

Donations are automatically reported to Pennies. Automated reconciliation reporting allows a simple settlement process, ensuring donations are paid over to charity quickly.

Pennies provides support throughout the implementation process and beyond. The team will help you tailor the donation function to your customer journey, using our knowledge of consumer behavior.

Pennies has the facility to provide you with regular reports and data to identify donation trends and insights. The team can also support with marketing and impact reporting to customers too.

Integration Features

  • Pennies' extension integrates into the checkout process, requesting a donation to charity.
  • Merchants can choose a pre-set donation amount or have the option to round-up their basket value to the nearest pound.
  • Donations are anonymous. Neither Pennies nor the chosen charity receive any personal data.
  • Donations can be configured based on the merchant’s average transaction value and can range from pennies to £30.
  • The charity logo of the merchant’s nominated charities is displayed at checkout to give customers clear visibility of the destination of their donation.
  • The Pennies extension is unobtrusive so customers are free to ignore the donation request and proceed with their transaction as usual if they wish.
  • Donations are reported automatically to Pennies, allowing for a simple and flexible settlement process.
  • Donations are automatically removed from the basket if the basket value changes. 
  • No donation is taken if a customer payment fails.
  • Merchants can easily toggle the extension on/off.


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