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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the worlds leading source for news and information for corporations. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology, and expertise they need to find trusted answers. The business has operated for more than 100 years in 100 countries and is listed on the Toronto stock exchange and the New York Stock exchange.

Whether your company is a small to medium sized U.S. based organization with transactions across North America or a large, multi-national corporation with world-wide operations, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax technology provides a simpler, automated approach to solving complex global tax challenges. In the face of changing laws and uncertainty, including consumption taxes, VAT/GST, sales, customs, duties, environmental and excise duties, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solutions deliver proven results that help corporations eliminate the risks associated with indirect tax calculation, reporting, and compliance. ONESOURCE delivers a justifiable return on investment (ROI) with an automated solution that provides a consolidated, real-time view of transaction tax exposures worldwide.

Integration Overview

The Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE integration enables a merchant to use the ONESOURCE tax service to calculatesales tax and cleanse shipping addresses with address validation. The integration is designed for Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version 18.6 with controllers. Compatibility Mode: 16.2. It is expected to be backward compatible with older versions of SiteGenesis.

Two types of controllers will be created for both SFRA and JS Controllers support. Each will be a cartridge and an additional cartridge would be created for the BM extensions. The BM extensions are used for UI configuration testing. All are based on native SiteGenesis storefront. The BM extension cartridge will make it easier to make storefront and BM changes as well as provide better performance so that the work does not need to be done in the other two cartridges. It will be used for both controllers and SFRA versions.

Integration Features

  • Tax Calculation - executed during the cart check out process
  • Address Validation - supports address validation on the address forms