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Threekit, Inc.

Threekit lets brands create amazing product visuals at a massive scale with interactive 3D, Virtual Photography, and Augmented Reality.

Brands that sell a customizable or configurable product often struggle showing every single possible combination. Photography is expensive and time consuming and creating a new 3D design for each customer isn’t practical. In today’s world of eCommerce growth, If a shopper can’t see their customization in real time, they’re much less likely to buy your product. 

Threekit works by marrying your product catalog with 3D artistry and technology. Discerning brands like Taylor Made, Duluth Trading, and Ciroc use Threekit because it drives a 40% increase in conversion, a 90% reduction in photography costs, and 80% reduction in returns. 

With Threekit, Crate & Barrel created three million hyper-realistic images in a month at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography. Lovesac created an interactive sectional configurator that lets users build the couch of their dreams in any shape and size with hundreds of fabric options. Yellow Korner - with the help of Threekit - lets users put every single piece of art on their own wall with augmented reality. 

Threekit is a great fit for brands that have customizable or configurable furniture, home and building goods, apparel, and more.

Integration Overview

Threekit allows you to digitize your products and then apply the digital twin into endless variations such as augmented reality, space configuration, product design, personalization and endless customizations. Use the configuration components to create bills of materials, web2print production ready vector or PDF files, or any export formats like XML, SIF, OFML, or JSON. Use multiple product configurators together in a fully configurable room such as an office, conference room, gym space, garage or any other space configuration. Generate extreme high quality images that replace traditional product photography and generate those photographs from any angle, with any permutation, any lighting or background setup with just a click of a button.

The cartridge installation replaces the standard product image in the PDP with a fully interactive 3D model and allows further customizations. The cartridge integrates Threekit's platform with your Commerce Cloud store and brings forward all the capabilities of Threekit to your store.

Integration Features

  • 3D product visualization
  • View in my room augmented reality
  • Extreme high quality product image rendering
  • Product configuration and configured product image generation
  • BOM and product option generation
  • Personalization of products using image uploads, text, text placement, engraving, embossing, imprint, etc.
  • PDF, vector graphics, web2print document generation
  • Product animation and animated walkthroughs
  • Configure any space like a room, office, backyard, house, or any interior or exterior
  • Build a space like a closet, server rack, entertainment center, or conference room