Content Delivery Network

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THRON is a software-as-a-service solution that allows you to unify all content-related processes in your company, centralizing and organizing all products and digital assets (images, video, pdfs, documents, web pages); deliver content within your organization and across your online channels at the highest quality; personalize communication through Artificial Intelligence, and link the product catalogue and asset with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud in automatic way.

Integration Overview

Use the THRON - Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector to consolidate, enrich and manage all your product information in THRON and easily export it to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Once the connector is installed and configured, it will feed the e-commerce catalogue with all the finalized products through an automatic procedure. In addition, all the content that characterize the online shopping experience will be delivered directly from THRON, enjoying the advantages and performance offered by centralized distribution.

Integration Features

  • Automatic synchronization of the product catalogue from "THRON intelligent PIM" to SFCC
  • THRON acts as a 'single source of truth' for all content and products
  • Empower the Product experience with images, video, 360view and galleries archived in the THRON Intelligent DAM