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Tinyclues is the leading action-oriented customer analytics solution that helps B2C marketers make the right decisions for their omni-channel campaigns to increase revenue, improve customer experience and drive strategic outcomes. The solution uses Deep Learning to predict the best topics, audiences, and campaign plans. Tinyclues leverages the full Commerce & Marketing datasets to identify relevant customers—even if they have never shown an interest for the promoted offer.

Expand your Customer Marketing capabilities beyond campaign automation and segmentation and use Tinyclues to predict where your marketing will be efficient so you can make the right decisions about campaign topics, audiences and the plan. The solution empowers B2C marketers to build powerful customer-centric strategies that drive valuable business results, giving marketers a real strategic role in their organizations.

Integration Overview

TinyClues Integration has the following cartridges: bc_tinyclues - Business Manager extension cartridge for exporting data to TinyClues.

The integration is a full synch and incremental Salesforce Commerce Cloud jobs for exporting customers, catalog data (product, its price and its related inventory) and orders created on SFCC to Tinyclues SFTP.

Integration Features

  • Full Export: TinyCluesFullExportProducts, TinyCluesFullExportOrders, TinyCluesFullExportCustomers
  • Delta Export: TinyCluesDeltaExportProducts, TinyCluesDeltaExportOrders, TinyCluesDeltaExportCustomers
  • Active Data Export: TinyCluesExportProductsActiveData, TinyCluesExportCustomersActiveData