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Visionet Systems Inc.

Visionet is a premier technology solutions and business process management company. We provide strategic business value to an extensive and impressive list of marquee customers across a variety of industries. Visionet delivers high-impact strategies, techniques, and technologies that help our clients compete, win, and sustain growth in a hyper-competitive, digitally disruptive market. The success of our clients and delivering value to the parties they serve is our number-one goal.

Our growing team of over 3,000 devoted and accomplished technology professionals around the world make us the partner of choice for organizations committed to achieving success in their category, industry, and marketplace. Visionet makes significant investments in skill development and personal growth for its employees, creating one of the most stable talent pools in the industry. Our vast reserves of combined real-world experience and an emphasis on collaboration makes Visionet a great place to work and grow.

As a team of innovative digital solution consultants and engineers at Visionet, we contribute to this value creation for our clients, business partners, and industry as a whole by conceiving and shaping the best ideas, the right engagement strategy, and technology solutions throughout to help everyone meet their goals.

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Integration Overview

Your quick, secure, and affordable path to genuine omni-channel enablement. CommerceLink helps you build a powerful omni-channel solution using your existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Retail). For multinational enterprises, CommerceLink makes it possible to centrally manage product attributes and merchandising information in multiple languages.

CommerceLink cartridge provides a seamless integration experience for retailers who intend to centrally manage all sales channels (Retail and Online Storefronts); assortment publishing, manage base price list and cut-through prices, keeping Inventory synced across channels, Unified Customer database, gift cards, shipping, payment and complete sales order for fulfillment via D365.

The cartridge connects the common functionalities of D365 with Salesforce commerce cloud for enabling centralized channel management for Retailers, Order fulfillment capabilities. Features enabled through this integration cartridge are selected to aid the merchandising process for Retailers across various segments like; Apparel, Footwear, home appliances, furniture and sports goods, etc.

For two-way data flow the cartridge hosts a collection of APIs that will enable SFCC to export selective events and transactions to D365.

Integration Features

  • Catalog
  • Pricing & Discount
  • Sales Order
  • Customer
  • eComm Inventory
  • Store Inventory
  • Gift card, Payments, and Loyalty


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