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Modern eCommerce brands share a common dilemma - how to enjoy fast site speed and still offer customers an engaging online shopping experience. Industry data proves that when eCommerce sites load in less than 4 seconds, conversion rates increase by 5.6% and bounce rates decrease by 11.7%. YOTTAA helps brands solve the problem of balancing the 3rd party technologies that shoppers demand with the need for fast page load times. YOTTAA customers typically see a site speed improvement of 20-40% and a conversion lift of 5-20%.

The YOTTAA acceleration platform is purpose-built for improving the performance of today’s sophisticated eCommerce sites. The software allows eCommerce brands to deploy all the 3rd parties they want without sacrificing site speed. Rapid CTRL uses YOTTAA's patented application sequencing to load 3rd parties in the optimum order for the fastest page load times. Additionally, it alerts site owners when 3rd party anomalies occur so they can be promptly addressed. Rapid CTRL also offers image optimization, tag-based lazy loading, and conversion insights. The software addresses security issues with a web application firewall (WAF) that users can control, and advanced bot mitigation that is deployed at the edge, offering protection for sites with a mixed architecture of eCommerce platforms, headless, SPA, CMS, etc.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers already using YOTTAA include J.Crew, Carter’s, Samsonite, Callaway, Saks 5th Avenue, and many more.

Integration Overview

The YOTTAA platform is a robust tool, allowing eCommerce brands to accelerate and optimize site speed across devices to improve the shopper experience and increase conversion rates. YOTTAA optimizes, protects, and monitors websites and web applications to deliver speed, scalability, security, and actionable insights.

The YOTTAA - Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge adds Rapid CTRL to a site by inserting tags into the site's source HTML code. The cartridge must be added to the Salesforce UX studio. To gain access to the YOTTAA functionality, the cartridges have to be added to the site's cartridge path. Finally, certain metadata must be imported and configured in the Business Manager.

Integration Features

  • Easy set-up with one-time configuration and validation of API Client ID
  • Patented 3rd party sequencing to improve site speed and performance
  • Conversion Insights to measure how performance impacts conversion rates and bounce rates
  • Rapid Portal with Core Web Vitals dashboard
  • Real-time user monitoring for site speed performance analytics across every device type (mobile, desktop, and tablet)
  • Scalable performance optimization across multiple brands and geographies
  • Tag-based lazy loading for a smooth and consistent shopper experience
  • Anomaly detection for real-time monitoring of JavaScript, 3rd party, and image errors.
  • Complete control and visibility over the browser to increase security and optimize performance
  • No development and maintenance is required!