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Customers can design — and buy! — personalized products from your store. Here’s what happens when you try product customization for your online store: hundreds of emails with customization requests flood your inbox. People send files that are not ready for print. Customers get frustrated when products don’t look how they wanted. Instead of ka-ching! the only thing you hear is ka-boom! as your store implodes. Unless you try Zakeke. Zakeke makes product customization easy. It lets customers personalize any product (clothing, promotional gifts, paper products, shoes, jewelry, watches) and use augmented reality to experience how they’ll look before purchasing.

You’ll never have to prepare proofs again or hear back from angry customers complaining “this isn’t what it’s supposed to look like”. Customers always know what they are going to get before buying, which means fewer refunds, fewer complaints, and more 5-star ratings. Visit Zakeke.com to learn more about integrating Zakeke in your store.

Integration Overview

Zakeke gives your customers the ability to build and customize any product in your store. It uses augmented reality to show your visitors a high-end 3D view of their product before they make a purchase. Once your users buy, you get a detailed order in your backend listing all the custom elements chosen by your customers. All you need to do is fulfill and ship the order. Zakeke delivers a unique and immersive "create your own product" experience. To implement the Zakeke cartridge in your store, download it from the Salesforce Marketplace and complete the integration. Once you are done, you’ll be ready to create your inventory of customizable products and publish them live to your store. Our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch. We typically reply to all questions on the same day.

Integration Features

  • Customers can rotate, turn, and zoom in on products — they know exactly what they get before buying
  • Choose exactly which parts of your product you want buyers to customize
  • Control how you want to charge for each customization and increase your AOV
  • Use the 3D module to create augmented reality views of your products, down to tiny details and textures
  • Hi-fi 3D rendering on any device, without slowing down your website’s load speed
  • Cloud-based — no need to develop and maintain your own software
  • Integrates with your ERP to get order data, reducing human error
  • All orders are ready for fulfillment so you don’t waste time figuring out print files