Cross Border Fulfillment
Post-Purchase & Replenishment

Zenkraft’s award winning shipping integration allows you to book, rate, and track shipments with over 40 of the most popular carriers worldwide including UPS, USPS, FedEx and Purolator. Nearly 1,000 companies worldwide trust our software to increase get products to their customers faster as well as keeping them informed of the delivery status.

Zenkraft simplifies and speeds up the shipping process for merchants whilst also allowing a seamless experience to customers and shoppers. As experts in the shipping and logistics industry we are able to quickly add new and innovative additions to our already comprehensive product. Our solution supports over 40 shipping carriers globally. Automated shipping, one click rating and tracking come as standard. Our self-service returns extension allowing your customers to print returns labels off saving you time and money. By using Zenkraft our customers are seeing an increase in shipping efficiency of up to 95% as well as a reduction in time to ship by more than half. By automatically creating shipments you can virtually eliminate human error which can occur when entering customer addresses manually.

Zenkraft is helping nearly 1,000 companies increase efficiency in their shipping processes. Our integration with over 40 shipping carriers allows users to automatically book, track and calculate rates in one simple process decreasing time to ship by over 50%.

E-commerce stores and retailers can benefit from our automated returns feature. They can collect feedback at product or category level to determine why your orders are being returned! Customer feedback can be reported on, dashboards built and shared with other teams within your organization. These can then be analyzed to improve the customer experience. When shipping internationally our software automatically populates and sends customs forms and commercial invoices ensuring that nothing stops your package reaching the customer. Real-time rating calculations allows accurate shipping costs to be displayed inside the checkout for your customers to see. Once the label is printed and the shipment booked by one of the 40+ carriers supported by Zenkraft, customers are able to receive automatic shipment status emails. To join the growing number of companies using Zenkraft to increase shipping efficiency please contact us.

  • Automated Self Service Returns
  • 1-Click Shipments
  • Automated Parcel Tracking
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Automated Customs Forms
  • 1 Click Print via Laser or Thermal Printer
  • Automatic Rate Calculations
  • Access to current Carrier Discounts
  • Integration with over 40 Carriers