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Zip Co

Zip gives millions of consumers an easy way to buy now, pay later, interest free. They can use Zip to shop online and in-store, at all their favorite places. As a Zip merchant partner, you are paid as soon as the transaction is approved, and customers pay us back later.

Zip’s mission is to empower modern consumers with simple, transparent, and financially responsible payment tools. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone has access to the things they need and want from life. Together with Quadpay, Zip serves over 4.5 million customers and 30,000 merchants, with $3bn in annual payments transacted globally.

As a global brand, our products differ somewhat between markets. In Australia, accounts start with $1,000 limits (but can be higher) and come with with flexible repayment options. In the UK and New Zealand, Zip customers can spend up to $1,000/£1,000, paid off over 4 installments, always interest free.

Integration Overview

The Zip certified cartridge provides a single frictionless integration for the standard Commerce Cloud checkout. The cartridge allows merchants to present Zip as payment method at checkout and covers the entire functionality of the Zip web payment experience.

The Zip cartridge enables Zip as a payment processor for refunds, authorizations, capture and multi-capture.

The setup and configuration of the Zip cartridge can be complete within a short time depending on the individual site setup and level of customization of the checkout.

Integration Features

  • Implements inline Zip payment option
  • Supports both Commerce Cloud controllers and pipelines architectures.
  • Leverages and supports standard Commerce Cloud checkout functionality such as but not limited to: cart updates, coupon codes, product level promotions, order level promotions, shipping level promotions, and more.
  • Zip configuration items available in Commerce Cloud Business Manager.
  • Zip payment details presented in Commerce Cloud Business Manager.
  • Supports payment authorization, capture, multi-capture and full and partial refunds.