Einstein Product Recommendations for Commerce Cloud & Store


AI-Driven Product Recommendations — No Data Scientist Required

Einstein Product Recommendations use machine learning to power 1:1 personalized shopping experiences throughout the ecommerce site and in-store.

Enhance personalization with data-driven AI.

In our personal lives, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. We see examples of how AI transforms apps like Spotify and Netflix with personalized recommendations for music and shows. As consumers become accustomed to this level of customization, retailers are faced with the challenge to offer similar experiences for shoppers across channels. But most brands don’t have the resources to hire a data scientist to leverage machine learning on site. Now, they don’t even need one.

Black Diamond saw more than a 15% increase in revenue per visitor after switching to Product Recommendations powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein. Read the full case study.”

Commerce Cloud Einstein puts the power of AI into the hands of merchandisers for all retailers, big or small.

Make the most of your commerce data.

  • Automatically collect valuable product data, order history, and live customer clickstream with Einstein embedded in Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store.

  • Personalize recommendations for all shoppers, not just those that are signed in.

Increase productivity.

  • Eliminate the time-consuming activity of manually merchandising each individual page (PDP, home, profile, shopping cart, etc.).

  • Enable store associates to feel confident with recommendations so they can up- and cross-sell and get on the store floor faster.

No Data Scientist Required

  • Leave monitoring of Commerce Cloud Einstein Algorithms to the Einstein data science team.

  • Allow any user to easily add business rules to accommodate brand preferences (ex: hide

  • sale items) with intuitive user interfaces.


The results exceeded our expectations, plus the system was simple to run and operate. It just works.”


Commerce Cloud customers are part of a growing worldwide content delivery network built for scale. The eCDN streamlines connections between shoppers and retailers by routing all traffic through the global network.



Enhance personalization with data-driven AI.


Boost productivity.

Help your merchandisers save time by removing the task of manually merchandising site pages.
Ensure that shoppers, known and anonymous, see relevant products driving more purchases.

Tap into the power of AI.

Leverage AI without having to hire a data scientist or train someone on your team.

Improve shopping experiences.

Leverage recommendations as a personal shopping assistant, offering the best product suggestions based on what shoppers are most likely to buy.

Get smart.

Make the most of your existing commerce data to power the best recommendations for customers.

Learn more

Einstein Product Recommendations power data-driven customer journeys, increase revenue, and eliminate manual merchandising. To learn more, visit the Commerce Cloud Einstein information page.

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