Commerce Cloud Order Management is a 100% cloud-based, enterprise-quality order management solution that enables retailers to adopt a ‘buy, fulfill, and service anywhere’ approach.

Winning shoppers has never been more difficult. Consumers now look for retailers that deliver products quickly, conveniently, and on their terms. Shoppers expect choice. This could mean buying an item online and picking it up on the way home from work, returning a product bought online to a local store, or getting an item gift wrapped or engraved after ordering it online. If a retailer doesn’t offer these options, consumers will abandon their purchase or look to a competitor.

Offering omni-channel options is no easy feat for merchants; the whole order experience has to be tightly coordinated behind the scenes. A modern order management approach helps retailers tackle the complexity of managing thousands of decision points, factoring in product availability, customer proximity, and delivery methods.

Flawless omni-channel order experiences are underpinned by a single, shared view of shoppers, catalogs, inventory, pricing, and orders across all physical and digital commerce touch points. This single source of truth is critical for unified commerce. Unified commerce is more than just a new term for omni-channel – it’s the idea that brands must think beyond individual channels and beyond shopping to meet customer expectations across their entire experience.


The idea of unified commerce rallies retailers to a logical vision of retail 2020 where order management is at the heart of the ecosystem, and where appropriate information flows seamlessly between retailer and the customer to provide a flawless customer experience.”

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In Store
Customer Service

Ship from Warehouse
Ship from Store
Pick Up from Store
Ship from Vendor

In Store
Customer Service

Gain one view of all inventory across stores, warehouses, distribution centers, and dropship vendors. Sell items to customers whenever, no matter where the product resides.
Store fulfillment capabilities are built into Commerce Cloud Order Management, including the back-end logic to route orders to stores for fulfillment, and an easy application for store associates to pick, pack, and ship online orders.
Unlock omni-channel fulfillment choices for consumers, and provide options like buy online, pickup in store/click-and-collect or return in store. Reduce shipping windows by shipping to stores close to the shopper. Consumers will continue to shop from brands that offer flexible fulfillment choices.
Customer service agents access a full toolkit for order status inquiries, returns, exchanges, and much more through an intuitive application.
Access one view of the customer, shared catalog, pricing, inventory, and order data across physical and digital touchpoints (ecommerce, mobile, customer service, and point of sale).
  • 100% cloud-based with 8-10 seamless releases per year
  • Integrated with Salesforce B2C Commerce out-of-the-box
  • Open APIs allow retailers to easily integrate with other critical retail operations like warehouse management and ERPs
  • Simple, role-based interfaces tailored to ecommerce, customer service, and store associate users
Admin Center is for power users and is designed to configure routing and allocation rules, view inventory, set security permissions, and gain reporting access
Retail Center is for store associates, enabling easy fulfillment of ship-from-store or click-and-collect orders.
Customer Service Center is for customer service representatives, enabling full visibility into the end-to-end order lifecycle; order history; and tools for swaps, exchanges, returns, and more.

A powerful allocation engine determines the best location to fulfill an order, based on built-in logic and rule priorities set by the retailer.

Sophisticated fulfillment logic executes the necessary steps for product delivery and optimizes for cost and proximity.

Real-time data exchange with Salesforce B2C Commerce includes order, pricing, inventory, and catalog data shared automatically and instantly across products, ensuring that retailers will always access consistent, up-to-date data.

Store fulfillment and customer service tools enable store and customer service associates to satisfy any customer need — whether it’s picking up an online order in store, or initiating an exchange or return.

Unified order capture enables Order Management to consistently capture every single order, regardless of how it is placed — whether its on the phone or online.

Learn how Commerce Cloud Order Management can help you connect the buying experience across channel and meet the needs of today’s customer.
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