Customer Service Center (CSC) provides customer service agents with the capabilities to accelerate online and over-the-phone orders, delivering a true unified shopping experience.

Customer service agents are often the face of the brand and assume the responsibility of exceeding shopper expectations and fostering brand loyalty. Customer Service Center optimizes the shopping experience by empowering customer service agents with a single view of both the customer and the storefront.

Back-end information such as product, pricing, and promotions are unified into one dashboard providing a complete view of the customer and order history. This cohesive, up-to-date, and shared view enables customer service agents to create, search and review orders, order on behalf of the customer, and adjust prices without the need to access the storefront.

Cart takeover capabilities increase conversions by allowing customer service agents to complete online transactions or pre-populate a cart on the shopper’s behalf.
Customer service agents can do their jobs better, faster, and more productively without toggling between browser windows in one intuitive easy-to-use dashboard interface.
Brands can seamlessly connect online and telephone ordering and build stronger relationships with insight into shopper and order history. 
Using the same open innovation model as B2C Commerce, CSC allows for easy implementation and customization, ensuring brands are always up-to-date with the latest features.
CSC is an order-taking solution, meant to complement, not replace, an order management solution (OMS). See how Commerce Cloud Order Management can enable cross-channel fulfillment and order processing.
Customer Service Center is a customizable, fully supported, out-of-the-box capability of Salesforce B2C Commerce. CSC leverages Shop APIs that hook into Salesforce B2C Commerce to share data including customer information, product, pricing, and promotions across systems. Brands can take advantage of a full suite of capabilities that include:
Identify a customer by name, email, or login details. Gain visibility into a customer’s shopping history, including past sessions, baskets, and orders.
Adjust prices and apply coupons to individual items, entire orders, or shipping costs. Administrators can also set user permissions to maintain control over unauthorized price adjustments.
Access a customer’s address book to add or modify shipping addresses and split orders into multiple shipments or delivery locations.
Developers can tailor out-of-box functionality to fit specific business or customer service needs related to customers, baskets, and orders.
Bolster your omni-channel strategy with a unified view of customers, orders, products, and promotions with Commerce Cloud’s powerful ecommerce solution.
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