Ecommerce Integration:
The Key to Exceptional Customer Experiences


Things are changing fast in the world of retail. How successfully your brand embraces this evolving landscape — and connects with today’s customer — begins with ecommerce integration.

Modern shoppers expect “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” shopping experiences — anytime, anywhere, on any device. They demand the ability to interact with your brand on any channel, and they expect you to engage with them seamlessly as they move across their preferred channels — mobile, social, online, and/or in-person. To deliver this kind of customer experience, your ecommerce systems must be integrated with marketing, inventory management, fulfillment, and back-end accounting systems.

Most legacy commerce platforms can’t handle this kind of ecommerce integration. These traditional systems weren’t designed for retail online integration, nor can they keep up with the pace of innovation that you need to maintain to remain competitive.

That’s why, when choosing omni-channel solutions that make ecommerce integration and innovation easy, many retailers today are turning to Salesforce.

Salesforce simplifies ecommerce integration.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers both B2C and B2B businesses a world-class platform ideal for ecommerce integration. With a multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture, Commerce Cloud delivers the scalability, reliability, and security that merchants need to compete in a quickly changing retail environment. Commerce Cloud will help you unify the buying experience across every channel and touchpoint, and streamline all operations — from discovery and purchase to fulfillment and beyond.

Commerce Cloud also integrates ecommerce behind the scenes, giving you a single and unified view of all relevant information in real-time — stores, customers, interactions, promotions, orders, products, inventory, pricing, and more. This seamless ecommerce integration also connects ­in-store and mobile channels, enabling them to leverage core ecommerce capabilities and services such as transaction management and merchandising.

Bottom line? With true ecommerce integration, retailers can stay connected to customers anywhere they shop, and innovate across the entire consumer experience significantly faster, without the usual complexities.

Benefits of ecommerce integration with Salesforce.

Salesforce’s capabilities for ecommerce integration combine digital commerce, order management, store operations, and AI-powered personalization into a single, unified commerce platform. With Commerce Cloud, you can:

  • Deliver strategic, AI-personalized shopping experiences at every touchpoint, on any device
  • Roll out continuous innovations without delays, dependencies, or disruptions
  • Launch new sites in weeks and new promotions in minutes
  • Unify digital commerce with store operations, order management, and more
  • Offload IT operations to a unified cloud that is robust, stable, and scalable
  • Maximize productivity with centralized site management and automated tasks
  • Explore new regions easily and go global in record time


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