Explore the Key Features of Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, the difference between strong and so-so online sales often lies with choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform. But with so many available, it can be tough to decide what’s optimal for your business and your customers.

What do you really need in an enterprise ecommerce platform?

It’s a foregone conclusion that enterprise ecommerce platforms are essential to business success today. To ensure that your chosen ecommerce platform gives your business everything it needs to compete in the modern marketplace, check for the following features:
Seamless integration with CRM.
Legacy enterprise ecommerce platforms don’t communicate with CRM systems. This can lead to errors in data collection, which can negatively impact your ability to understand customers. With an enterprise ecommerce platform built into a CRM like Salesforce, you can manage your online store and connect with customers from a central hub.
AI-powered personalization.
Today’s customers expect personalized shopping experiences from every industry, B2C and B2B alike. Customization powered by AI is key to any modern enterprise ecommerce platform.
Unified multi-channel shopping experiences.
Digital customer journeys now occur across multiple devices. The best enterprise ecommerce platforms can help you create flexible shopping experiences and frictionless transactions across mobile, social, web, and more.
Unified customer data.
A quality enterprise ecommerce platform integrated with your CRM, services, marketing, and sales will provide sophisticated data and information about your buyers and their digital shopping journeys. You can use this data to bolster your marketing initiatives, fine-tune your online store, and build even better customer journeys in the future.
Straightforward and simple deployment.
Look for an enterprise ecommerce platform you can launch right out of the box, or fully customize to give yourself API-first control. It should also have the flexibility to integrate with the platform provider’s ecosystem, as well as mix and match with third-party systems.

Your cloud-based commerce roadmap.

Learn how to streamline complex B2B transactions and build lasting customer relationships using digital commerce.

An enterprise ecommerce platform with more than just the essentials.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is more than just another online store management suite. It’s an agile, flexible, and scalable enterprise ecommerce platform meant to give your company everything it needs to connect with customers and succeed in the modern digital marketplace.

All the enterprise ecommerce essentials are included. Integration with Salesforce, the world’s most trusted CRM. Personalization through Einstein, a uniquely intelligent AI. Seamless multi-channel shopping support. Robust data-gathering. Simple setup.

But Commerce Cloud offers even more:

Optimization for B2B.
Following the acquisition of CloudCraze, Salesforce Commerce Cloud now includes a suite of tools designed specifically to help B2B businesses succeed. Quickly generate online revenue, get insights from CRM data, and provide a  seamless, B2C-inspired customer experience for your B2B buyers.
Seamless physical-to-digital transitions.
Blur the lines between in-person and online shopping by extending digital commerce into your stores. Eliminate lost sales by empowering store associates to sell and ship products from your online store to customers.
Detailed order management tools.

Unlock real-time inventory access, advanced allocation logic, and order lifecycle management across all channels to give customers confidence that their order is in trusted, competent hands.

Watch our B2C and B2B demos to learn more. Plus, read the Salesforce report on the true impact of customer journey personalization.

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