5 Straightforward Ways to Create the Store of the Future


Imagine a retail store environment where nimble sales associates each serve as a mini store manager, using mobile devices and streamlined solutions right at their fingertips. They effectively cross-sell, upsell, make relevant product recommendations, track inventory, complete transactions, and access the latest information in real time.

Customers experience personalized shopping based on their online and in-store shopping history, receive customized promotions, and decide exactly where and how they want to purchase products. Forget the days of waiting in line or for an associate to track down a product.

This seamless process empowers and motivates associates to do what they were hired to do: sell.

You realize your organization and its systems have to adapt — but how? Here are five actionable steps to transform your retail operations into the store of the future and win the loyalty of today’s shoppers.


Individualize the in-person experience.

To make relevant, personalized product recommendations, sales associates need instant access to customer information such as online shopping history, preferences, and what might already be in their virtual shopping carts.

Commerce Cloud Einstein is powered by cloudbased data that learns more about the customer with every click, making unique online and in-store shopping experiences for every individual. Based on that data, interacting with a sales associate becomes like shopping with a trusted friend.


Untether your sales associates.

In the store of the future, the point of sale (POS) is no longer just the cash wrap — it’s the entire store. Armed with a mobile device, associates can complete transactions anywhere in the store, making use of line-busting capabilities in addition to a traditional POS. Commerce Cloud has a straightforward POS system, requiring less training than other clunky legacy systems.

Access real-time inventory with confidence.

If associates have to walk to the back of the store or make phone calls to track down a particular item, they’re wasting valuable time. They might even lose sales. With a mobile-first approach, Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle allows associates to access available inventory across channels, regardless of product location — without leaving the customer’s side. With a shared view of inventory, customers can purchase items in the store or online with the option to have them shipped or picked up in-store.

Break the barriers between physical and digital.

Customers don’t see the shopping experience in silos, and neither should retailers. Retailers using Commerce Cloud can meet shoppers’ demands with omni-channel features such as: buy anywhere/return anywhere; buy online/pick up in-store; check out online shopping carts in-store; and ship in-store purchases elsewhere. Customers also expect consistency. Commerce Cloud enables retailers to manage pricing, promotions, product catalogue, and customer data online and in-store.

Receive seamless, real-time updates.

To stay ahead, you need to continuously innovate security and features that address customers' evolving needs. Commerce Cloud delivers enterprise-class scalability and security with the flexibility to accommodate future technologies. Best of all, these updates are seamless, behind-the-scenes, and without disruption to day-to-day operations.

Not sure how Commerce Cloud fits into your bottom line? Learn why the investment is invaluable from both a fiscal and technology perspective.



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