How Omni-Channel Platforms Simplify Ecommerce


Today’s shoppers can make purchases anywhere, at any time — and we do. We shop in person at retail stores, and we shop online with our mobile devices. What’s more, we expect our customer experiences to be connected across every channel we use.

Not long ago, it would have been unrealistic to expect your online shopping experience to follow you into a store, or vice versa. Online and in-person shopping weren’t connected, and there was no system of communication between the two. But things have changed in big ways.

Powered by omni-channel platforms, seamless transitions between digital and physical shopping experiences are now the industry standard in retail. Shoppers expect brands to reach them on every channel possible, integrating customer experiences across them all.


70% of customers say connected processes, such as seamless handoffs or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions, are very important to winning their business.”

Connecting customer experiences.

What today’s shoppers really expect is a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience. To deliver this, retailers are using omni-channel ecommerce management platforms to streamline connecting with customers across every touchpoint.

Sophisticated omni-channel platforms enable retailers to manage their inventories from every location, store, distribution center, and even inventory in transit. This way, the products a customer wants are never more than a few taps away, whether they’re shopping in person or online.

Modern omni-channel platforms digitize physical retail stores, blurring the lines between shopping in person and online. Advanced order management and digital store capabilities allow store associates to easily find products customers want that aren’t currently on shelves, make final purchases, and ship merchandise anywhere.

Through omni-channel ecommerce, customers can receive a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience across every brand a retailer owns and in every global market where a retailer operates. Advanced omni-channel platforms give brands a centralized location to manage every brand and every market — no matter the nation, currency, or language.


87% of shoppers begin their hunt in digital channels. 82% are willing to have an item shipped to their house within 24 hours if unavailable in-store.”


Success across every channel.

By investing in unified customer experiences powered by omni-channel platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, brands are achieving new levels of success and building more meaningful customer relationships than ever before.

Italian clothing brand Boggi Milano specializes in contemporary men's fashion designs, and owns the entire process from production through distribution. Noticing that increasing numbers of shoppers were beginning their customer journeys on mobile, Boggi enlisted Commerce Cloud to reinvent its entire organization and technological roadmap. The results? An omni-channel customer experience with seamless transitions between digital and physical stores, and more than 100% year-over-year growth in online sales.


We want to give Boggi customers a premium and effortless customer experience on all channels.”

As Italy’s leading fashion retailer, OVS knew that committing to excellent customer experiences would be key to future success in the evolving world of retail. The company partnered with Commerce Cloud to power anytime, anywhere, omni-channel shopping and eye-popping in-store innovations. OVS added customizable content, virtual store tours, and virtual fitting rooms to its online store, and released a new mobile app. It also installed interactive kiosks and dressing room touchscreens in stores, and empowered sales associates with digital inventory access. As a result, OVS has seen that 40% of customers who buy online and pick up in store spend more when they arrive for pickup. It also experienced an 81% increase in site traffic, and a 44% uptick in conversion — plus, the new mobile app was downloaded more than 125,000 times.

We decided to work with Commerce Cloud because it’s a flexible platform for commerce, but also because we had common goals for omni-channel.”

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