Storefront Search for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Commerce Cloud Storefront Search allows merchants to personalize results, create dynamic user engagements, and maintain full control over how shoppers find and ultimately buy the products they’re looking for.

Shoppers expect intelligent search results.

Storefront Search functionality is used by shoppers that already know what they are looking for. According to Commerce Cloud internal benchmark data, shoppers that use native search functionality convert at a 3x higher rate, checkout with 11% larger carts, and spend 15% more than those that just browse.

Rather than navigate through multiple product categories or breadcrumbs, shoppers turn to Storefront Search for convenience and efficiency. A poor performing search experience can generate inaccurate, noisy results or, worst of all, no results, leading to dissatisfied customers and increased bounce rates. Search is a critical component of the unified customer experience. Commerce Cloud Storefront Search delivers a rich experience for merchants.

Increase conversions.

Move customers from the search box to checkout faster and improve search to-cart rates by connecting shoppers with the right products.

Enhance the shopping experience.

Create a compelling search experience by presenting the most relevant content based on audience segment.

Improve productivity.

Speed time to value in a few clicks by setting custom sorting rules and building automated search indexes.

At Kiehl’s we’re moving customers from the search box to checkout quicker using best practices for keyword hypernyms and synonyms.”

Grace Edinger | Manager, Digital Product
Site search is an important element year-round, but it’s even more critical during the holiday season when brands see an increase in search bar usage and a corresponding uptick in revenue from these searches. In 2016, Storefront Search drove 28% of holiday revenue for retailers, and 30% of holiday revenue for branded manufacturers.

Multilingual search and merchandising.

Ensure a common search infrastructure across all brands and geographic sites, or set language specific rules for maximum impact.

  • Local language stemmer and tokenizer optimizes search processing
  • Site-specific search settings customize based on language or geography
  • Search dictionary ensures language consistency

Deliver accurate and actionable search functionality.

Salesforce B2C Commerce empowers merchants to deliver personalized and unified customer experiences. Commerce Cloud has the unique ability to customize search to pre-defined or dynamic customer groups as well as AI-powered personalization, increasing search accuracy, loyalty and future sales. Merchants can tune search results based on customer profile, purchase history, marketing campaign, device, or other variation group.

Salesforce B2C Commerce offers numerous embedded tools for search optimization, including:

AI-infused search features help merchants drive conversion by optimizing search dictionaries and bringing shoppers to what they want faster with personalized results.

Active merchandising and availability.

Control the priority of products pushing items higher or lower based on product, content attribute, or rule such as low inventory or high profit margin.
Increase relevance and accuracy with “did you mean,” autocorrect, and autocomplete features.

Dynamic reporting.

Utilize search analysis to view top search terms, track conversion, and identify trends over a given time period.

Deliver smarter search results with Commerce Cloud Einstein.

Personalize search results for each unique shopper, whether authenticated or anonymous.

  • Einstein Predictive Sort personalizes product assortments in search results and category pages
  • Einstein Search Dictionaries helps merchants optimize search dictionaries
  • Einstein Search Recommendations power unique type-ahead search results for every shopper

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