Top Brands Leading the Way in Mobile-First Commerce


Learn how Trailblazers PUMA, Lancôme, Roots, and others have mastered the art of mobile commerce with alternative payment methods, accelerated mobile pages, SMS programs, and more.



With mobile traffic from some global regions reaching 70%, PUMA needed to create a mobile experience that drove conversion. To do that, it re-architected and relaunched its sites (in 24 countries and counting) using the Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture.

How they did it:

  • Rolled out reference architecture in multiple countries, currencies, and languages to deliver a solid, future-proof, and mobile-first platform to build on globally
  • Focused on site speed, ease of navigation, product findability, and the fewest clicks to purchase
  • Made it easy for shoppers to create an account and save a cart to go back to later


  • 35% faster render time for mobile assets
  • 69% faster load time for mobile sites
  • 100% increase in conversion rate

The site is faster. The user experience is better, and the conversion rate is better. Full stop.”

2018 Mobile Shopping Focus Report
Enhance your mobile commerce strategy with behavioral data from 300 million shoppers.


Looking to mitigate the gap between mobile traffic and conversion, Wolverine Worldwide, a $2.5 billion multi-brand footwear company, was one of the first to launch Apple Pay on the web, even extending its holiday code freeze to accommodate the rollout in time to capture holiday revenue.

How They Did It:

  • Worked with Commerce Cloud LINK partner CyberSource to implement Apple Pay as a payment method
  • Tested Apple Pay with a single brand, and within one week, launched Apple Pay for 6 of its 12 brands
  • Cascaded changes across all brands quickly and efficiently with Commerce Cloud


  • 19% increase in total mobile conversion after launching Apple Pay
  • 21% Increase in iPhone conversion across brands, with some brands as high as 33%
  • 75% decrease in the number of fields in the checkout process, notably 75% reducing cart abandonment for mobile shoppers.

We’ve lowered technology costs, improved speed to market, and grown our bottom line.”

Jason Pawloski | Senior Director of Direct-to-Consumer Technology
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Rack Room Shoes

Looking to capitalize on customers’ use of their mobile phones in the store, Rack Room Shoes expanded its SMS program to get relevant and timely messaging to shoppers.

How They Did It:

  • Captured mobile numbers at point of sale
  • Sent relevant messaging, including offers and availability of new products
  • Garnered additional data, including email, addresses, and zip codes


Rack Room Shoes saw a stunning 451% revenue growth from their improved SMS program.

It is essential that we own our customer relationships and exceed their expectations for relevant, timely interactions with our brand.”

Scott Baldt | Senior Director Omnichannel


Knowing that every second of load time increases the pre-bounce rate, Lancôme created a faster and better customer experience on mobile.

How They Did It:

The brand instituted accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and progressive web apps (PWA) to decrease load time for initial and subsequent pages.


  • 11% increase in average order value
  • 36% increase in mobile revenue
  • 35% decrease in bounce rate

With our progressive web app, we’re able to reduce page loads with a fast site that’s ready to deliver all the latest mobile customer-engagement features to meet the needs of our shopper in the moment.”

Malik Abu-Ghazaleh | Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Johnston & Murphy

After Johnston & Murphy realized that mobile accounted for 50% of its ecommerce traffic, it became imperative to it create a mobile-first experience for customers.

How They Did It:

  • Soft-launched Apple Pay with no additional promotion
  • Created a frictionless shopping experience with a speedier transaction time that did not impact order size


  • 15% of shoppers used Apple Pay the first weekend of its soft launch on the site
  • 90 fewer seconds spent on site buy Apple Pay buyers than others, indicating faster checkout time


ECCO, a European footwear and accessories company with 3,300 shops worldwide, implemented in-store tablets to serve as an extension of the sales associates, enabling them to help shoppers find and buy merchandise.

How They Did It:

  • Enabled sales associates to make transactions anywhere in the store with tablets powered by Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle technology
  • Allowed sales associates to close sales on locally out-of-stock products, shipping them for free


  • Expanded Endless Aisle to all 26 U.S. stores in fall 2015
  • Optimized merchandising strategy on a store-by-store basis by gathering preference data

There is a sea change in the role of the store associate and an opportunity to meet the consumer’s needs through Endless Aisle.”

Dana Schwartz | Director of Marketing and Ecommerce
Find out how ECCO eliminates walked sales with Endless Aisle.
Discover ECCO empowers store associates to place real-time orders against online inventory from any mobile device, anywhere on the floor, to eliminate walked sales.


Rainbow, a decades-old retailer with an impressive 70% mobile traffic share, explores ways to effectively connect shoppers with its product assortment on a small screen.

How They Did It:

  • Executed creative sort strategies to optimize the first products shown on any grid page
  • Focused on the full customer journey — not just mobile conversion — to adapt for shorter and more frequent visits from mobile users


Increased mobile revenue by helping mobile shoppers see relevant items within the first four product images.

Mobile has led to a complete reset on metrics. Now, we measure and manage the business to shopper-first metrics, not the legacy view that was based on visits or sessions.”

David Cost | SVP Digital Commerce and Marketing

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen wanted to roll out a better mobile experience and increase conversion — without disruption to the business.

How They Did It:

  • Prioritized initiatives that could be performed nimbly, without executing everything at once
  • Placed a guest checkout option in customers’ line of sight
  • Removed two clicks from the checkout process
  • Consolidated calls to action, considering the screens customers passed on their way to the cart


Stonewall Kitchen saw immediate conversion rate improvement with incremental success: 2.5% – 3.4% conversion rate in one month.

I can never get enough insight from the Commerce Cloud team because [they help us] in validating and prioritizing our assumptions.”

Ian Marquis | Ecommerce Manager
Learn how Stonewall Kitchen cooked up success with Commerce Cloud.
Dive into Stonewall Kitchen’s partnership with our Retail Practice team to see how they developed various growth and optimization programs to optimize conversion rates.

World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE has a highly engaged audience, with 70% of all traffic coming from mobile (rising to 82% on nights of televised events), and 60% of all mobile transactions occurring on iOS. WWE wanted to make shopping its mobile site a more seamless experience for mobile users.

How They Did It:

  • Launched Apple Pay on cart and in the checkout
  • Next step: Launch Apple Pay on the product detail page (PDP)


  • 2.14% of all revenue comes from Apple Pay orders.
  • 6% of revenue comes from iPhone orders.

When we place test orders now, I’ll volunteer to place test orders because it is so simple… it is so easy to check out, it’s, I think, a game changer for us.”

Peggie Waldo | Vice President of Ecommerce
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Canada’s leading lifestyle retail brand, Roots, took its responsive design initiative one step further by creating opportunities for shoppers to leverage their phones in-store.

How They Did It:

  • Enabled mobile shoppers to check in-store inventory and product availability, find stores, and subscribe to emails
  • Provided simplified mobile navigation and a reduction in clicks to increase cart creation and drive users to top-performing categories

The shopper is carrying the omnichannel device. Whether using their phone to look up inventory in a store or even browsing our site while in-store, mobile is bridging the gap between online and offline.”

Lauren Taslia, Director of Omnichannel Commerce

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