Consumer Goods Cloud allows you to accelerate growth from planning to execution.



The Complete CRM for Consumer Goods

Get a 360-degree view of all customer activity

Ensure field reps have everything they need to succeed in one unified platform, including:

  • Actionable insights
  • Optimized route plans
  • Task management tools

Einstein for Consumer Goods

Accelerate business growth with smart selling

Take the guesswork out of your customers’ needs with:

  • Tableau CRM, to uncover the best opportunities for growth
  • Einstein Visit Recommendations, to get field reps to the right store at the right time
  • Einstein Vision, to ensure audit accuracy and productivity during visits

Visit Planning

Prioritize visits to drive greater efficiency

Deliver growth through your field sales teams by:

  • Helping them prioritize and schedule store visits
  • Providing all the information they need in their mobile app
  • Ensuring they know what tasks need to be done at each visit

Salesforce Maps

Improve productivity on every route

Enable your teams to work safely and efficiently by:

  • Building plans and optimize routes so field teams can seamlessly go visit to visit
  • Quickly designing and deploy territories with Territory Planning
  • Live tracking teams so you can mobilize them when needs arise

Sales Agreements

Drive accountability and transparency with partners

Take what you agreed on with your partners and track in real time:

  • Transactions, profits, and revenue margins in real time
  • Planned volumes and revenues next to actuals
  • Define your own custom, time-phased metrics for customer agreements

Visit Execution

Power productivity in the field

From the moment field reps step into the store, give them clear guidance with:

  • Customizable templates to tailor visits based on customer needs
  • Streamlined repetitive tasks, from planogram compliance to surveys
  • Surveys to close feedback loops with accounts

Mobile Order Capture

Capture orders on the fly

Eliminate orders on paper and avoid stock outs by:

  • Easily finding products by scanning SKU barcode
  • Collecting product orders onsite

Direct Store Delivery

Maximize selling opportunities and inventory fulfillment

Empower your field teams by:

  • Prioritizing deliveries based on business needs
  • Giving drivers full visibility into order information and fulfillment requirements
  • Live tracking your fleet and rerouting them, if necessary

Connect Front Office to Back Office

Integrate data across the value chain

MuleSoft helps brands connect their front office to the back office, creating a single source of truth, so you can:

  • Gain visibility into your portfolio of accounts
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Integrate legacy systems with new ones to accelerate growth