Helping tech companies move from one-time product sales to solution selling, subscriptions, and usage-based pricing.

  • Empower sales reps to close complex deals with bundled solutions, ramp deals, contract amendments, usage pricing, and renewals
  • Manage recurring revenue by automating the quote-to-cash lifecycle for services, subscriptions, and usage billing
  • Unify sales and finance by monitoring customer metrics in real time — including MRR, churn, and retention

The pace of commoditization was ramping up, and we had to change fast.”


Enabling manufacturing companies to transform digitally, fulfill faster, add value, and customize products to customer needs.

  • Manage complex product configurations with click-to-customize functionality and quick and accurate quotes
  • Elevate sales and partner productivity with on-the-go guided selling, automated quote generation, and seamless integration with partner communities
  • Increase profitability and revenue by enforcing pricing guardrails, automating approvals, and uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Our CPQ initiative led us to a complete digital transformation that changed our 38-year-old company forever.”

Stephen Stessman, Vice President of National Retail Sales

Support for media companies handling new product launches and complex deals.

  • Manage complex deals with transaction, subscription, and usage fee models
  • Manage live contracts with easy add-ons and change orders and automated cotermination
  • Automate price and discount rules to support any deal or budget

Salesforce CPQ helped us reduce time to process a change order from four hours to 15-to-20 minutes.”

Hindu Somashekar, Director of Enterprise Applications

Aiding health and life sciences companies as they provide better customer experiences and open new revenue streams.

  • Simplify large product catalogs and complex pricing models
  • Use automation to seamlessly manage multiple revenue streams
  • Encourage broker-sales collaboration with simplified renewals and amendments

CPQ helps us serve our customers better while improving the way we work as a team.”

uli Zoota, Global Head of Strategic Pricing