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Enterprise Partners is revolutionizing resource raising productivity with AI.

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ASU Enterprise Partners is providing teams with the tools to deliver a personalized experience to potential donors.

Enterprise Partners is the holding organization to a family of not-for-profit entities dedicated to raising resources for the benefit of Arizona State University. There are about 1.6 million constituents in the Enterprise Partners database, including alumni, parents, community members, corporations, and foundations.

Enterprise Partners is on the path to revolutionize nonprofit resource raising productivity with intelligent recommendations.

Arizona State University’s mission is to support and foster sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

ASU Enterprise Partners mirrors these values and incorporates them into its fundraising and resource-raising processes. Enterprise Partners champions a new nonprofit model in higher education for diversified revenue generation to support Arizona State University.

With about 1.6 million constituents in the Enterprise Partners database and a wide variety of opportunities, this makes it difficult to match constituents with philanthropic opportunities that align to their passion and to scale these efforts.

“We needed a way to automate and streamline this information to best optimize philanthropic activities for our donors.”

With this goal in mind, Enterprise Partners sought a tool to help fundraisers, program managers, and others to identify best next steps to help move a revenue-generating opportunity along.

Current analytics capabilities are brought to the next level.

With Sales Cloud, Enterprise Partners achieves a comprehensive understanding of variables such as degrees achieved, previous giving history, employment information, relationships, interest areas, and points of engagement.

With Sales Cloud as its home base, Enterprise Partners wanted a solution that would help teams take constituent data to the next level — by identifying intelligent recommendations.

The organization has been an industry leader when it comes to descriptive analytics. However, in an effort to further innovate, company leaders were eager to explore predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

With this goal in mind, ASU Enterprise Partners began its AI journey with Einstein Discovery.

Connecting various data sources allows fundraisers to better understand their market.

Fundraisers and business leaders excel when they can do what they do best — build relationships, discover passions, and align individuals with the appropriate philanthropic opportunities. ASU Enterprise Partners wanted to provide its teams with relevant data that is actionable to increase revenue-generating productivity.

Before Einstein Discovery, Enterprise Partners was having a difficult time combining various datasets. The majority of its data lives in Salesforce; however, there are still external data sources, including consumer, financial, ticketing, social, and behavioral and survey data.

Connecting all of this data to identify key patterns is a significant undertaking. Enterprise Partners had the capability to build out models on all of the company's datasets. However, there were limitations around providing recommendations.

Because the datasets were so large, much of the data was unactionable for individuals without a data science background.

Providing teams with the tools to deliver a personalized experience and drive productivity.

ASU Enterprise Partners envisions Einstein Discovery helping to turn static data into meaningful analysis. For the first time, they will be able to easily identify specific trends and have intelligent recommendations for next best actions.

Fundraisers, for example, will have recommendations on whom to contact and when. Currently, each fundraiser manages about 150 clients in a portfolio; with Einstein Discovery, fundraisers will be able to go into their portfolio and identify key trends on how to advance a specific donation opportunity.

Einstein Discovery also helps analyze datasets to surface potential opportunities for the other entities within the organization and allow for predictive and prescriptive analysis of programs across the enterprise.


To have a tool that will help identify fundraising trends and help us move from descriptive analytics to predictive analysis is really exciting.”

Melissa Kwilosz, Chief Information Officer

Identifying customized journeys for top donors.

ASU Enterprise Partners is focused on big data. In the future, the company wants to incorporate intelligence into Marketing Cloud and journey mapping.

This will create a much more personalized experience for how a donor will interact with fundraisers and how individuals match with potential opportunities to help advance the university, ultimately supporting the goal of aligning people with a cause about which they are passionate.


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