BMC is a trailblazer

BMC provides innovative solutions to 10,000 customers.

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productivity in account management for software consultants.


BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that help businesses gain a competitive advantage and transform into digital enterprises. BMC serves over 10,000 customers with about 6,000 employees across 30 countries.

BMC encourages a data-driven sales team with easy-to-use analytics.

Sudheer Sura, IT Director, SFDC Platform at BMC Software, has been working with Salesforce for 14 years and is passionate about helping businesses solve challenges to make their teams more productive.

BMC is a digital enterprise management services and solutions provider and has a large technology portfolio with a variety of tools that serve different needs of their business. With BMC having an abundance of data, at times it was a big challenge to streamline data processes. Sudheer, a Salesforce MVP, was ready to start the journey of bringing relevant data to the right audiences.

To achieve this goal, it was important to democratize the data and provide a holistic view of accounts and pipeline to the sales teams.

BMC is a Trailblazer and provides innovative solutions to 10,000 customers.

BMC had been using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for several year to centralize its data and pull relevant reports. However, BMC was ready to take its reports and dashboards to the next level and provide sales teams with a comprehensive view of account health.

BMC began its Tableau CRM journey with the goal of helping sales teams better understand their accounts and prospects. Its existing method for sales teams to see a holistic account view included a combination of various reports such as Excel. However, there was no single report that provided all of the data in one place.

Tableau CRM helps BMC reduce manual analysis processes.

BMC first started its Tableau CRM journey by enabling sales leaders with relevant data to help understand pipeline movement and stage history. Historically it was challenging to pinpoint what factors contributed to movements in the forecast. Within the sales organization, there is a software consulting team that assists the sales reps during the deal cycle. The software consultant (SC) organization was looking for a way to optimize and enable its limited resources, and needed a tool that would help the team maximize its time by quickly understanding account health. With Tableau CRM, the team is able to dive into account data on the go and answer questions quickly.

Before having real-time analytics, identifying relevant findings was a long, manual process. With Tableau CRM, teams can analyze and take action in real time.

Data democratization expands past sales teams.

In addition to Sales Cloud data, Service Cloud data is also represented in Tableau CRM. By including case data, information from multiple departments is showcased in one single view, for the first time.

By pulling in Salesforce data natively, we give our sales teams the power to report across all of these different items, and that shows extreme value.”

Sudheer Sura, IT Director SFDC Platform

In addition to the sales teams, executives are also using Tableau CRM to help run their business.

Sudheer’s team worked closely with the executive team to understand what type of data is most important for their day-to- day business. Now, executives can go into Salesforce and see the status of their business, and then apply business context to the findings.

BMC enables employees to maximize time and prioritize efforts.

With Salesforce, BMC has been able to provide employees with the ability to quickly drill down into waterfall charts and see the exact status of specific deals. Managers can ask their reps questions about specific findings from Tableau CRM and can provide coaching efforts when needed.

It helps our employees do processes better and make better decisions by showing relative performance.”

Sudheer Sura, IT Director SFDC Platform
In addition, the software consulting team has been able to address the challenge of how to service the same number of accounts with less manpower. By empowering SCs to have a holistic view of accounts, they are able to cover twice the number of accounts they were able to previously.

By pulling in Salesforce data natively, we give our sales teams the powerto report across all of these different items, and that shows extreme value.”

Sudheer Sura, IT Director SFDC Platform

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