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Citizens Bank delivers tailored solutions and expertise to customers.

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Citizens Bank is the 12th largest retail bank in the United States and delivers a broad range of retail and commercial banking products and services to over 5 million individuals, companies, non profits, and institutions.

Citizens Bank uses Tableau CRM to deliver tailored solutions and expertise.

As part of the bank’s ongoing journey toward delivering valuable ideas and improving the customer experience, Citizens has customized the Tableau CRM platform so its commercial bankers have a more complete view of clients’ needs and can deliver the right solution at the right time. This provides bankers with a real-time view of each relationship, helping them deliver the combined strength of the entire bank to each client.

Citizens Bank has customized Einstein Analytics* to deliver best-in-class business intelligence, helping our customers and colleagues reach their potential.”

Mark Valentino, Managing Director

Citizens brings valuable ideas to clients by combining comprehensive market knowledge with excellent execution.

Citizens bankers deliver long-term value for clients by providing sound expertise and tailored solutions throughout the lifecycle of their clients’ business. When that expertise is paired with cutting- edge business intelligence, the added value is substantial. The client-facing bankers at Citizens have always been known for reliability, professionalism, and understanding. Now that these experienced bankers have a one-stop-shop solution for market coverage, pipeline, and goals, they’re able to use this information to improve their own performance and spend more time meeting face-to-face with prospects and clients. A regional manager can see the same information, but summarized for each banker, with details available through dynamic filters and tables. Each level of the organizational hierarchy has a specific view, all sourced from the same underlying datasets.

Einstein Analytics* provides insights at my fingertips to easily get a pulse on my teams’ effort and production.”

Chapin Bates, Regional Executive

Citizens is always seeking the best technology solutions to help power and accelerate its data-enabled strategy.

The key to technological innovation is meeting rapidly evolving customer needs. Today, customers seek easy access, speed, and efficiency. The ongoing digital transformation allows the bank to better understand customers and more effectively deliver tailored advice, ideas, and solutions. Now Citizens has a one-stop portal that delivers valuable insights in the form of strategic dashboards, customized tables, and dynamic charts. In addition, Tableau CRM allows developers to consolidate data from multiple sources, transform that data with underlying calculations, and produce datasets that deliver valuable information to its bankers’ fingertips. Citizens’ bankers gain efficiencies through this centralized hub of business intelligence, available at their desks or on the road, updated frequently and autonomously.

We have created customized dashboards using myriad internal sources, built entirely in-house in an agile, adaptive environment.”

Sharda Rao, Senior Analyst

The investments that we have made in big data and AI technologies have enabled us to become more strategic advisors for our customers. Never before have I heard such positive feedback from the business lines.”

Geoff Gunter, Senior Vice President, Commercial Technology

Continually innovating and fostering a culture that prioritizes digital-savvy talent, development, and continuous improvement.

With a focus on continuous improvement, data quality, and security, Citizens Bank delivers a customer-centric sales and service platform. By leveraging innovation, Citizens is setting the stage for a streamlined, technologically savvy approach to financial service. Tableau CRM is helping its bankers gain additional insights into market coverage, industry trends, and sales results.

Going forward, Citizens Bank will continue to iterate, improve, and expand Einstein Analytics* with the goal of delivering tailored solutions and expertise to our colleagues.”

Brian Antonio, Senior Sales Effectiveness Manager

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