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Spark is New Zealand’s market leader in providing high quality digital and communications services to local consumers and businesses. Core service offerings include fixed phone lines, data, mobile, cloud, and digital services.

Spark is committed to supporting its customers throughout their journey of digital transformation and enabling them to compete — and win — on the world stage. Over the past three years, Spark has acquired and established more brands and launched more service offerings than in the previous 30 years.

Such rapid growth and continual changes in the market required Spark to adopt new ways of working in order to meet its customers' ever-changing needs. Creating and leveraging customer analytics and insights was a key component of building a competitive advantage and remaining relevant to its customers.

Creating visibility and alignment between sales, marketing, and customer experience.

Spark needed a way to gain more insights from its customer data. For marketing, it was important to better understand customer consumption behavior and suggest next best actions. For Sales, it was crucial to reduce the lead to contract times by better understanding which leads to pursue.

Before Tableau CRM, Spark was not maximizing its data usage. The challenge was not around lack of data, but rather how to gain easy, real-time insights into their data. The company had plenty of data in manually created spreadsheets. In addition to having laborious reporting processes, different individuals and teams created similar reports but from different data sources and in different formats, which caused inconsistencies and distrust in data.

Spark needed a way to aggregate its CRM and non-CRM data into one source to enable its employees to take action on customer insights created.

Combining external data sources to create a full customer view.

With Tableau CRM, Spark has developed a one stop customer insights app that interlocks marketing, sales, and customer experience. Today the company's reports are no longer manual or in silos. Spark aggregated 200 million data points from 7 core non-CRM systems to provide a single 360-degree customer view.

By aggregating all CRM and non-CRM data, such as purchase transactions, NPS scores, service and project performance into one app, company leaders have been able to better understand, visualize, and predict their customers’ experience and buying behavior for the entire customer lifecycle.

The custom-built Tableau CRM app enables Spark’s sales teams to receive warm leads and alerts to proactively engage with customers. This has improved customer experience, reduced the cost of sales and reduced lead to contract time.



The adoption of our customer insights app has realized a marketing effectiveness of 95%, increased sales effectiveness by 30%, and identified 250 new sales opportunities.”

Hans Arz, Portfolio Manager Customer Analytics & Insights

Spark better understands customer journeys end to end.

With Tableau CRM, Spark has been able to gain more customer insights, allowing for better customer service and ultimately driving growth. By truly understanding a customers’ journey from their first interaction to their exit, Spark can proactively manage its customers' needs, and be valued by customers as a thought leader focused on helping customers grow their business.

Today, Spark employees truly have real-time customer insights. They no longer have to wait several days to find answers within their data. Spark’s future plan for their app is to further drive adoption across the organization and eventually expand into other use cases.


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