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Data Cloud for Marketing

Activate your customer data with Data Cloud for Marketing, powered by the #1 CRM. Scale insights with AI, unify data into a single profile, and power unparalleled customer success.

What can you do with Data Cloud for Marketing?

Unlock the power of your data to maximize customer satisfaction, team productivity, and efficient growth.

Connect data from any source.

Connect first-party customer data from any source with prebuilt integrations for sales, marketing, commerce, service, and more.

Seamlessly access real-time data from external platforms within Data Cloud, and vice versa, without data duplication.

Define how incoming data streams relate to one another and resolve differences between data types.

Unify millions of records into a single, complete view of every customer.

Engage smarter with dynamic segments.

Build, analyze, and discover intelligent, high-value audience segments in one user-friendly interface.

Expand reach quickly, using Einstein to identify new segments similar to your target audiences.

Activate data to personalize engagement across channels, trigger workflows, and enrich existing CRM data.

Power personalized advertising at scale with unified data. Optimize spend with audience and performance insights.

Maximize relevance with automated insights.

Derive new metrics or statistical functions, like propensity scores, to analyze and segment audiences.

Build and train external artificial intelligence models before bringing them into Data Cloud for better segmentation and automation.

Explore and discover new audiences. Improve campaign performance over time with segment-level insights from across channels, powered by Tableau and Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

Data Cloud for Marketing Pricing

Find the right Data Cloud Starter for Marketing edition for your business needs.

Data Cloud Starter for Marketing

Unify all your data into a single customer profile.

$ 108,000
(billed annually)
  • Data Ingestion and Harmonization
  • Identity Resolution and Activation
  • Insights and Predictions

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Data Cloud for Marketing FAQ

Data Cloud is the real-time platform for customer magic. By harmonizing data that’s updated every millisecond, your teams can meet your customers like never before.

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Data Cloud is an evolution of our customer data platform (CDP) product, and transcends traditional marketing use cases by funneling a nearly infinite amount of dynamic data to the Customer 360 in real time.

Data Cloud connects, unifies, and activates data to power experiences across the entire customer journey, from marketing to sales, service, commerce, and more.

Data Cloud closes gaps stemming from fragmented data and experiences, helps teams navigate privacy changes and the cookieless future, and boosts productivity through actionable insights and automated engagement.